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Intramural Broomball

Broomball is Northeastern University's most popular Intramural Sport. Played at the historic Matthews Arena, North America's oldest ice hockey arena, broomball is a fun and interesting way to stay active on campus.

Teams compete for the coveted Intramural Sports Championship, determined by a single elimination tournament at the end of the regular season. With all divisions being co-rec, broomball is a sport in which both men and women can excel and enjoy.

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Helmets Provided

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The object of the game is to shoot the broomball in to the opponent's net, scoring a goal each time this is done. The team with the most goals at the end of all three 12 minute periods will be declared the winner.

Teams of 5 players each are equipped with brooms and sent out on the ice in their sneakers. Helmets, provided by the Intramural Sports Department, are required at all times to ensure the safety of all participants.

The Boundaries (Click to Enlarge)

The ice will be divided into three courts of equal sizes with the boundaries designated by cones. All of a team's substitutes must stay in the designated sub boxes until they are ready to enter the game.

All teams must have a goalie for the duration of the game. Goalies may wear baseball gloves or hockey forward gloves, but may not wear hockey goalie equipment. Special goalie sticks are provided.

Penalty Shots (Click to Enlarge)

One of the major rules, created to promote the safety of all participants, is that no player may intentionally slide. Any slide result in a penalty shot being awarded to the opponent.

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