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Intramural 4 on 4 Soccer

4v4 soccer is a different take on the traditional intramural soccer. For one thing, the sport is played with small pugg goals rather than larger goals. Because of this, goalies are not used. In fact, there is a small crease in front of the goal, which no player may stand.

Another difference is the penalty kicks, which are taken unobstructed from midfield. During a penalty kick, the ball does not become live off of a miss. Instead, in the event of a missed penalty kick, the defending team is awarded a goal kick to restart the game.

This sport requires more finesse than your average soccer, since the space in which it is played is smaller. The game is at Cabot Cage, so remember that all players must have their Husky card to enter the facility.

As with the 6v6 soccer game, athletic clothing and footwear is required by all players. Cleats are not allowed. Also, sliding is still not allowed and will result in a yellow card.

For a complete list of 4 on 4 Soccer rules click here.