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Intramural 4 on 4 Flag Football

4v4 flag football is a new take on the traditional intramural flag football game. It is still played in Cabot Cage, but on a slightly smaller field. This makes for a more defensive game, because the shortened width closes passing lanes much quicker.

The game is similar in timing, penalties, and play, but there are a few differences. For instance, in 4v4 flag football teams can no longer obtain a first down at their own 20 yard line. The only first down is now at midfield. Also, after a score, teams can only choose to attempt the try for one or two points. Also, because of shorter field, penalty yardage has been shortened to keep a similar ratio.

Remember that all players must bring their valid Husky card to play in all intramural contests. Also, athletic attire is required, but cleats are not allowed. And, due to safety concerns, shorts cannot have pockets.

For a complete list of 4 on 4 Flag Football rules click here.