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Sport Court Rules

  1. Please lock up jacket, clothes and all personal belongings in the locker room.
  2. Goalie equipment bags only are allowed upstairs and in rink area, but must be placed behind "Border Patrol!" Sticks must be kept behind "Border Patrol."
  3. Roller blades, pucks, and balls must stay on the Sport Court!
  4. Roller blades are to be put on upstairs and taken off upstairs on the Spourt Court!
  5. Participants must stay on the Sport Court and bathroom end of hallway with skates!
  6. Only shoot at the hockey goals, Do not shoot at chairs, tables, or other objects! If you are caught, you will pay for any damages and be suspended from the Marino Center!
  7. Hockey is permitted on the Sport Court only when scheduled! The court schedule posted on the hallway windows will be followed! During free/open time, those on court have priority!
  8. All garbage must be placed in trash barrels!
  9. Keep doors closed at all times while playing hockey!
  10. When moving the goals, pick them up. Do not slide them! (Find a friend to help you!)
  11. The use of this court is a privilege not a right, so have consideration for all that use it and please report anything broken to the Campus Recreation office. (Lights, equipment, etc.)
  12. Play at your own risk - Campus Recreation is not responsible for any injuries that occur during open skate times!