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Fall Semester Schedule

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I understand and agree that participation in these activities is purely voluntary. I recognize and appreciate the dangers, hazards and risks of certain activities which could include serious or even mortal injuries and property damage. I have considered the risks and hazards and I agree that I have individually assumed the risks involved in this activity. I represent that I am physically and mentally able to participate in the referenced activities and have no health conditions which would present a risk to me in participating. Further, I understand that I will be obliged to abide by any rules of conduct promulgated by the organizers of the activities.

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Fall 2021 live schedule


Abs 30 from 7:30-8:00pm     


Mobility and Recovery Class from 7:30-8:10pm     

This 40-minute class with take you through a full body recovery sequence focusing on major muscle groups to elongate and stretch in addition to key joints to provide range of motion that will maximize your next workout. This gentle class will combine deep breathing patterns and full body connection to feel centered for the remainder of your day.


Body Weight Blast from 7:30-8:10pm