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Cardio Classes Cardio Classes

Cardio & Abs 45: (45 min)
Cardio & Abs offers a great a cardio workout with an intense abdominal sequence and stretching segment. A great class for beginners. Be prepared to work.

Cardio Combo: (55 min)
Cardio Combo keeps you moving by combining our various cardio workouts giving the best of two cardio worlds by providing cardio combinations and total body strength training to improve your aerobic fitness!

HIIT Dance: (45 or 55 min)
Not Zumba or your average dance fitness! This class will focus on toning the muscles and dancing out the burn. Short bursts of choreographed HIIT and sculpting moves alternate with some killer dance moves - all to the beat of the music.

Zumba: (45 or 60 min)
Bust out your best moves and get your heart rate up with a total workout, combining all elements of fitness- cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility all while having fun.
Cardiobox Classes Cardiobox Classes

Box 30/45: (30min/45min)
arn the basics of boxing in a small class setting! Gloves and heavy bags provided, experience not required, no sparring allowed.

Cardiobox: (45 or 55 min)
Punch and kick your way to the latest fitness trend! Cardiobox is an energizing workout that implements moves from boxing and kickboxing. All fitness levels welcome.

Knock Out (TKO): (60 min)
Knock Out takes Cardiobox to the next level by utilizing heavy bags and gloves. This class combines fighting techniques with intervals of boxing and muscle conditioning.
Step Classes Step Classes

Advanced Step: (45 min)
Advanced Step expands on the basic Step class by incorporating harder choreography at a faster tempo with more advanced moves for a great aerobic workout! Not recommended for beginners.

Step: (45 min)
Step class combines 3-4 combos on an adjustable step while providing a background in the basic components of step movements and terminology. Have fun listening to music and bringing your cardiovascular workout to new heights!

Cycle Classes Cycle Classes

Cycle 30: (30 min)
Cycle 30 is a great class for beginner cyclists. Jump, run and climb your way through a 30-minute cardiovascular workout on a stationary bike. Learn how to set up your bike by adjusting your seat and handle bars to ensure a safe and effective workout!

Cycle 45: (45 min)
Cycle 45 or 60 class will get the feet moving and the heart pumping by An intense 45 or 60-minute session combining strength and endurance components associated with cycling of aerobic and anaerobic training on a stationary bike. All levels welcome.

Cycle/Abs: (60 min)
Cycle/Abs starts with the a 45 minute spin class followed by 15 minutes of high intensity ab workouts.

Cycle Bootcamp: (60 min)
Cycle Bootcamp is an advanced 60 minute class that has you alternating between cycling on the bike and sculpting on the floor. Get ready for this fast paced, high energy, full body workout incorporating kettlebells, resistance bands, body bars, and of course, a stationary bike!

CycleSculpt: (70 min)
The class starts with a 45 minute endurance ride with drills, climbs and sprints and then transitions into 25 minutes of Total Body Sculpting. The class targets each muscle group quickly and effectively for a complete workout.
Condinioning Classes Condinioning Classes
CardioSculpt: (55 min)
CardioSculpt combines both the Cardio Combos and Total Body Sculpting class for a fun 30-minute high to low cardio workout followed by a 30-minute muscle conditioning portion. Knock out two different workouts in one class!

Interval Burn: (45 min)
This high-intensity fitness class features 20 second intervals of exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Each set has two exercises and are repeated 4 times each, totaling to only 4 minutes of challenging work at a time! These exercises will strengthen and aerobically condition your entire body.

Kettlebell: (40 min)
Kettlebell is an introductory class that will teach you the basic movements of Kettlebell exercises. These exercises build strength, cardiovascular endurance, power, and increase grip strength-all while engaging the entire body.

Max 30: (30 min)
Get in, and get out! A 30 minute calorie burn that will keep you burning for hours. Circuits include cardio and sculpting.

Power Fit 45: (45 min)
This circuit-style class incorporates 3 high-intensity circuits that target all muscle groups and maximize calorie burn! Be ready to break a sweat. These three challenging formats entail Cardio & Core, Sculpting, and Power.

TRX 30: (30 min)
Learn the basic principles of TRX suspension training. TRX will increase total-body flexibility, mobility and stability all while engaging your core.

TRXFit (45 min)
TRXFit is an intermediate/advanced class that combines intervals of bodyweight suspension exercises using the TRX system with an intense combination of muscle conditioning exercising including traditional bootcamp and plyometric exercises.
Sculpting Classes Sculpting Classes

Abs 30: (30 min)
Stop doing crunches on your own! This Abs class uses various positions, stations and/or equipment to firm up your front, back and oblique abdominals.

Arms and Abs 45: (45 min)
The Arms and Abs class focuses specifically on the upper body and core muscle groups. Be prepared to use various types of resistance equipment, including weights, bands, body bars and body weight to increase the intensity and fun of working the upper body muscle groups as well as the abdominals and lower back.

Thighs, Butts, and Guts: (45 min)
Thighs, Butts, and Guts class focuses specifically on the lower body and core muscle groups. Be prepared to use various types of resistance equipment, including weights, bands, body bars and body weight to increase the intensity and fun of working the lower body muscle groups as well as the abdominals and lower back.

Total Body Sculpt: (55 min)
Total Body Sculpt is a challenging and dynamic whole body muscle conditioning class using dumbbells, bands, tubes, exercise balls, dyna-discs, & body bars as resistance tools. Exercises will be modified to accommodate all fitness levels. Be prepared to work all your muscles!

Specialty Classes Specialty Classes

Barre 45: (45 min)
A combination class using techniques from ballet, dance, yoga, strength training and cardio make for an intense yet low impact workout.

Mat Pilates: (45 or 55 min)
Mat Pilates is a system of controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the total body. Pilates focuses specifically on the core (abdominals and lower back) and helps to promote flexibility and stability. A great way to tone and strengthen your core.

Total Body Recovery: (30 min)
Take 30 minutes to recover from a long week. Integrate low impact movements, dynamic stretching, and static stretching to focus on any muscle group requested. br>
TRX Barre: (45 min)
Looking for more excitement to your Barre class? This class pairs a typical Barre class with the TRX suspension trainer to create a great full-body workout.
Yoga Classes Yoga Classes

All-Levels Vinyasa Flow: (55 min)
All-Levels Vinyasa Flow welcomes all students and will feature a variety of poses with modifications giving participants options to make each position more challenging or simpler. This moderate paced class will focus on breathing and alignment sequences and help build and maintain flexibility and strength.

Beginner's Yoga: (55 min)
Can't touch your toes? Always wanted to try yoga but felt a little nervous? The Beginner's Yoga class is geared toward the absolute beginner, but also accommodates any who want to focus on the foundation and correct form. Bring a mat and get ready to learn!

Core Strength Yoga: (55 min)
Focuses on the importance of core strength. Core Strength Yoga is alignment-based movements that focus on any combination of balance, strength, and of course, poses to increase stability of the core.

Flow and Restore Yoga: (75 min)
Combines a Vinyasa and Gentle style sequence to promote movement and relaxation. It will have a longer warm-up, followed by some flowing sequences and ending with gentler and longer-held poses. Classes will work towards a theme or "peak pose" and may spend extra time exploring certain postures of that week. All-levels are welcome.

Gentle Yoga: (55 min)
Gentle Yoga focuses on the healing aspects of yoga, focusing on stretching, relaxing the body and calming the mind. Using props like blocks and straps, you will learn useful modifications and practice restorative poses. Gentle yoga is great for beginners, high-stress individuals, or those who need modifications due to injuries.

Power Vinyasa Flow: (55 or 75 min)
Power Vinyasa Flow is a powerful, fast-paced and intense form of yoga where you move from one pose to the next while connecting breathing to movements. This class is for those who want a workout and are not afraid to sweat! With the intention of building strength, flexibility and improving the mind-body connection. Inversions and arm balances will be taught in this class, and modifications are always available.

Yogasculpt: (55 min)
This is an energetic combination of Power Vinyasa Flow and Total Body Sculpt! Yoga mat required.