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Opponent Search

To add your name to any of the Opponent listings, fill out the form below. Once your listing is approved, it will be added to the top of the opponent list. Only vaild Northeastern email addresses will be approved. To add your name to the list, please click here


Mahesh Kandukuri
I am beginner player . i am very quick learner so i can improve can be good competition while playing. I have been playing for 6 months and want to continue. My available timings are weekdays after 7 pm and weekends anytime in the afternoon (posted 9/13/2019)

Renee Payne
I'm looking for a non-beginner racquetball partner. (posted 8/15/2019)

Hollis Wyman
I played racquetball for about 5 years in middle school and I'm looking to get back into it. You may have to help me get back to form, but it shouldn't take too long until I'm reasonably competitive again. (posted 7/9/2018)

Daniel Guenther
Intermediate-Advance player with very flexible schedule, esp. Mon, Wed, Fri, and weekends. (posted 1/26/2018)


Rohit Patwa
Comments: I'm a grad student, a beginner-intermediate level squash player. (posted 1/20/2020)

Maksym Lytvyn
Comments: I am a graduate student. I was playing Squash for two years, but it was in 2014 and now I am looking for someone who I can play with. (posted 9/23/2019)

Harshad Sathaye
Comments: I'm a grad student. I have been playing squash for a few months now. I'm still a beginner though. I'm looking for a partner to play with for an hour in the evening. Preferably 6pm! (posted 6/3/2019)

Kristy Wong
Comments: Played varsity on my high school team and in the circuit from ages 11-19. Played in college freshman year. I'm extremely out of shape but it doesn't take me long to get back into it. Would love to get back into the game a bit and have some friendly matches to get back in shape. I'm on co-op at the moment so my schedule isn't extremely flexible, but I will also be here all summer. (posted 4/19/2019)

Peng Wu
Comments: Looking for someone that can play in the morning for an hour from 7 to 10am. I am in the beginner-intermediate level. Would love to play with any level player. (posted 4/10/2019)

Abbas Saylawala
Comments: Started playing squash again a month ago (after being out of touch for 2 years). Looking for some friendly matches to get into a groove. (posted 10/3/2018)

Vihaan Jagtiani
Comments: On the Mens Squash Club and have being playing for over a year now. Very eager to keep playing games with people! (posted 9/11/2018)

Tushar Sharma
Comments: Please email me if looking to have some friendly squash games. I am an intermediate player and have been a squash enthusiast for more than 2 years now. (posted 9/4/2018)

Nina Schwartzman
Comments: Started playing squash a few months ago (I've been playing tennis for a few years). Would love to play some matches with beginner-intermediate players! Schedule is flexible but weekday afternoons, evenings or weekends are best. (posted 3/12/2018)

Aditya Batheja
Comments: Intermediate level player. Haven't really played for a couple of years. Started off this month. Looking to get in form, do some drills and play games. (posted 1/30/2018)

Leah Beight
Comments: I played varsity squash in High School three years ago and looking to get back into playing. I haven't play consistently in the past few years therefore I'm probably intermediate level currently. Would love to do some drills and play games to get back into things. Email me to set up a time! (posted 1/11/2018)


Preethi Boinapally
Haven't played in forever, so I guess Beginner at this point. I'd love to get back into it. Free on Fridays and Tuesdays. (posted 3/9/2020)

Talia Colombi
Intermediate level tennis player. Been playing since I was very young and took classes. Haven't played in 2 years so I am little rusty (yikes). Generally just looking for someone to play with time to time. (posted 2/7/2020)

William Hsia
Freshman here, I'm an intermediate-advanced tennis player, played tennis for about 7 years but stopped playing tennis during senior year of highschool. Currently a bit rusty but I hope someone can rally with me. Schedule is flexible. (posted 1/13/2020)

Camilla Holt
Beginner -- looking for someone to play tennis with ! (posted 12/02/2019)

Ming Di Ma
I was on the tennis team in high school, would say I am beginner-intermediate, would love to rally. Typically am on campus in evenings, hopefully the scheduling works out, looking for intermediate player partner. (posted 10/21/2019)

Walker Olis
Hi, I’d say I’m an intermediate player. I was on the tennis team in high school, but haven’t played consistently for a few years. Hoping to pick it up again! Flexible schedule, but would prefer the weekends. (posted 9/30/2019)

Srinjoy Chakravarty
Half-decent forehand, respectable serve, atrocious backhand. Basically a poor man's wawrinka. Looking to have fun rallies with anyone's who's game after sundown. (posted 9/3/2019)

Oluwakayode Oyegbade
I've only played on and off for a few years but I would say I am an intermediate player and can hit long and enjoyable rallies. Quite flexible in timing. (posted 4/29/2019)

Troy Ganz
Hi, i'd say intermediate player- played pretty regularly for two seasons (this season haven't had time), but would be interested in making time this semester... my schedule permits only morning sessions and perhaps some flexibility mon and tues - thanks (posted 8/24/2018)

Kiran Putra Jagadeswar
I'm a intermediate level player. I've played the sport for a while now but had gap for around 2 years. Emaikl me if you guys want to play anytime soon! (posted 7/25/2018)

Alec Jordan
I am a beginner - intermediate player. I played back in high school but would love to pick up the game again. Very rusty but willing to play with anyone! My schedule is flexible but afternoons would work best. (posted 5/29/2018)

Sidharth Thapar
I am a beginner. I am usually available on Fridays(after 7pm), Saturday and Sundays(anytime in the evening). (posted 3/13/2018)

Dionysia Hahn
Hi, I'm a new transfer student to Northeastern. I would classify my level as beginner/intermediate.I played JV in high school but very rusty. Looking to meet new people and add activity. Available evenings MRFSa and Sunday afternoons/eves (posted 1/22/2018)