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  • Squash
  • Tennis
Daniel Guenther
Intermediate-Advance player with very flexible schedule, esp. Mon, Wed, Fri, and weekends. (posted 1/26/2018)

Diego Arguello
I am intermediate level player. I am available to play on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings as well as weekends. Please email me if you would like to match up. (posted 9/15/2016)

Vikrant Shah
I am a pretty decent racquetball player who just started here. I'd like to meet anyone who wants to play racquetball. (posted 9/9/2016)

Federico Perez
I'm an intermediate level player, willing to play Tuesdays, Fridays and over the weekend. (posted 2/8/2016)

Nina Schwartzman
Comments: Started playing squash a few months ago (I've been playing tennis for a few years). Would love to play some matches with beginner-intermediate players! Schedule is flexible but weekday afternoons, evenings or weekends are best. (posted 3/12/2018)

Aditya Batheja
Comments: Intermediate level player. Haven't really played for a couple of years. Started off this month. Looking to get in form, do some drills and play games. (posted 1/30/2018)

Leah Beight
Comments: I played varsity squash in High School three years ago and looking to get back into playing. I haven't play consistently in the past few years therefore I'm probably intermediate level currently. Would love to do some drills and play games to get back into things. Email me to set up a time! (posted 1/11/2018)

Kshitij Aggarwal
Comments: Hi folks, I am an intermediate level player and would love catch a few games any time. (posted 12/4/2017)

Vikrant Shah
Comments: I'd say I am an intermediate level player. I have played a lot of racquetball but it has been a while since playing squash. My lab is next door to squash busters so I am pretty flexible with the schedule. (posted 9/10/2017)

Amy Lu
Beginner-intermediate squash player looking for matches on weekday mornings or afternoons in the summer. (posted 5/10/2017)

Greg Dalle-Molle
Intermediate (2.5/3.0) player looking for matches Friday morning/afternoon. Also open to weeknights schedule permitting. (posted 3/24/2017)

Mariusz Furmanek
Intermediate level Squash player. Flexible schedule. I would like to drill a bit and play... (posted 3/15/2017)

Thomas Madden
Looking for a game on mondays between 10AM and 1PM. (posted 1/9/2017)

Michael Davis
I am immediate player and available in the mornings. (posted 12/11/2016)

Vignesh Umasankar
Level of playing Beginner to intermediate. Available for play 9Am to 2PM everyday. (posted 8/25/2016)

Muhammed Salem
I am an intermediate squash player. I am available most days except on Wednesdays during this summer. looking forward to play with a challenging opponent. (posted 7/20/2016)

Dara-Lynn Pelechatz
I'm an intermediate squash player and am looking to find someone who is available to play in the mornings starting at 7:00 or 7:15am. (posted 2/24/2016)

Connor Yu
Intermediate level. Available after 5 most days. (posted 2/17/2016)

Tommy Bellm
I used to play a lot in High school to a fairly high standard. I am flexible on times i am available to play. (posted 1/26/2016)

Sidharth Thapar
I am a beginner. I am usually available on Fridays(after 7pm), Saturday and Sundays(anytime in the evening). (posted 3/13/2018)

Dionysia Hahn
Hi, I'm a new transfer student to Northeastern. I would classify my level as beginner/intermediate.I played JV in high school but very rusty. Looking to meet new people and add activity. Available evenings MRFSa and Sunday afternoons/eves (posted 1/22/2018)

Nina Schwartzman
I am a law student and intermediate tennis player. I'm always looking for someone to rally or play matches with! I learned to play about five years ago, but I haven't gotten a whole lot of practice since then. My schedule is pretty flexible, just depends on when I have class. (posted 10/19/2017)

Alina Nersesyan
I am amateur-advanced tennis player, started my first year of Master's here. Have been playing for around 15 years, played for 4 years in undergrad tennis team for 4 years at my former university. Got rusty without practice, so looking for somebody to practice with. I am available in the morning-early afternoon on Monday, Thursdays. Afternoon on Tuesdays and Friday. And all weekends. Please shoot me an email if interested! (posted 9/28/2017)

Sauvik Deb
Hi. I have just started Grad school and am looking for an opponent to play or rally with. I am an intermediate level player. My availability is most evenings (except Tuesdays) and all weekends. (posted 9/18/2017)

Alexander Tran
Intermediate-Advanced player looking for someone who can hit well and play matches before the cold settles in! Been playing for about 6-7 years. (posted 9/4/2017)

Chelsea Kryspin
Hello! I've played tennis since I was a child, and on the JV team in high school, but am rusty. I'm a staff member/grad student at NEU looking for a partner or a group for evening or weekends. Thanks! (posted 1/8/2017)

Xiaohan Peng
I'm a beginner in Tennis and really want to practice more! Wednesday and Friday afternoon plus All day on Saturday and Sunday would work for me. (posted 11/17/2016)

Randy Medina
Hi. Just started grad school at NEU and have been playing tennis for about a year. Looking for a basic level partner to play. My availability is Mondays & Wednesday at night and Saturday and Sunday during the day. (posted 10/24/2016)

Diego Arguello
I am an intermediate level player looking for an opponent to rally or play matches. I am available most evenings and on weekends to play. Please email me to match up (posted 9/15/2016)

Ruchit Bhandari
I am very passionate about Tennis and have been playing it for over 10 years! I am looking for a partner who is intermediate or advanced in playing Tennis. e-mail me for time! (posted 06/20/2016)

Alexander Tran
Intermediate player, looking for someone to hit with. Free Tuesday-Sunday after noon. (posted 06/03/2016)

Navid Madanchi
I think I'm an intermediate player, have been playing tennis for 5 years and looking for someone to challenge me! lets make it happen. (posted 05/17/2016)

Goverdhan Nadendla
Intermediate to advanced player. Played extensively during high-school days. Free during the evenings of Tuesday, Thursday through weekends. (posted 05/17/2016)

Aravind Chinta
I am an intermediate tennis player. Available any evening except for Monday and Tuesday. (posted 04/11/2016)

Amir Molavi
Hi, I am a postdoc at Northeastern and I love playing tennis indoor and outdoor. I live in Waltham and I can play during weekend or weekdays. (posted 2/22/2016)