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Reservation Forms

We have enhanced/redesigned our reservation page. You now need one username/password to access all the forms (airline, bus, hotel, & van) making it easier to submit multiple requests. Also we made it easier to choose the date and time within the form by clicking on the desired date from the calendar and by choosing the time. Only Club Sports Officers are permitted to submit reservation requests. If you do not have the username/password combination, please email Nick Avery , or stop by 130 SB (SquashBusters Facility) for your username and password.


Click here to log-in to the reservation forms page.


NEW FORM, Please download and fill out prior to leaving Campus, and keep it with you until the end of your trip; Vehicle Inspection Checklist


Requirements for Driver's Test

To get your Van Driver certificate card, you need:

When you have obtained all the paperwork, please e-mail Matt Ells with your full name, and the team you are on, so a test date will be scheduled for you.