In late 2011, the University began its planning process to prepare this new IMP for the 10 years between 2013

and 2023. The University’s current IMP, dated February 22, 2000, was approved by the Mayor on July 13,

2000. It has been amended and renewed through December 2012, as described below.

The University has engaged a process that has included extensive information-gathering sessions with faculty,

staff and students, neighborhood meetings, and with the CTF.

Northeastern has strived to develop its plans with a high level of community engagement, and has welcomed

participating with the CTF and the BRA for more than a year to consider master plan opportunities that serve

the mutual interests of the community and the University. Some of these opportunities are expected to

develop into sustainable partnerships with the Community. The University also expects to utilize its strengths

as a teaching and research institution in implementing new community benefit initiatives, many of which will

accompany its proposed institutional projects.


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Northeastern University -IMP

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