Campus Planning and Development Mission


Campus Planning and Development (CP&D) supports the university’s pursuit of excellence and innovation by developing the University’s Capital Plan, land use, and real estate strategies.

By providing strategic guidance and campus wide standards, the group helps units across the university ensure a productive stewardship of critical resources for physical space and design.

> Working in partnership with the Facilities Division, CP&D reviews project proposals; conducts assessments; establishes parameters for scope, budget, and schedule to realize the capital program.

> Working in support of the Senior Leadership Team, CP & D supplies analysis, evaluations and negotiation strategies related to acquisition and disposition of land and buildings.

> With City and Community Affairs, CP & D provides guidance for regulatory and community processes for entitlements.


The staff places a high value on:

> Transparency

> Community Engagement

> Sustainability

> Performance measurement

> Fairness and equity


This is accomplished by:

> Consistent client communication through face-to-face meetings and project reporting

> Working closely with the City to ensure project success

> Effective resource allocation and project controls tracking

> Hiring Minority Business Enterprises (MBE)/Women Business Enterprises (WBE) and local design firms.