Call for Interpreter Referral Agencies

CALI is seeking five interpreter referral agency partners for our 2020 Program of Study & Induction.

Criteria for Potential Agency Partners
  1. You serve growing populations of d/Deaf and DeafBlind people with atypical language whose needs cannot be met with current local interpreting resources.
  2. You can provide us with four experienced interpreter trainees and two experienced interpreter supervisors. We strongly encourage a mix of Deaf, Deaf-Parented, and hearing interpreters.
  3. You are not from any of the following states: CA, MD, ME, MN, MO, NY, UT, and VA. We have already partnered with agencies in these states and we are not permitted by our grant guidelines to work within these states again.

Does your agency meet the criteria? Keep reading to learn what collaborating with CALI would entail!

What is involved in the CALI Program?

Interpreter Participants

  • Interpreter Trainees: Each trainee should have at least five years of full-time interpreting experience.
  • Interpreter Supervisors: Each supervisor should have at least 10 years of full-time interpreting experience, as well as supervision/mentoring experience.

Online Modules

From January through June, the trainees will participate in four Online Learning Modules. The modules will be facilitated by interpreter educators. Each module consists of 3-5 hours of work per week, and the trainees will earn a total of 8.0 CEUs.

Practical Application Week (PAW)

After completing the above modules, the trainees will travel to Boston to attend Practical Application Week, a five-day, face-to-face training in June or July.

Supervisor Training

The supervisors will participate in their own Supervisor Training Module. The online training will be facilitated by an experienced supervisor. The module consists of 3-5 of work per week, and the supervisors will earn a total of 5.2 CEUs.

Supervised Induction

After the online and face-to-face trainings are complete, the trainees will work with the supervisors in a Supervised Induction process for 40 hours over the summer and fall. This post-program Induction is designed to provide the trainees with ongoing supervision and guidance while interpreting for d/Deaf and DeafBlind individuals with atypical language.

Communities of Practice (CoP)

Finally, the trainees and supervisors will participate in separate online Communities of Practice during Induction (summer and fall, and possibly beyond). These will be private, online discussion boards where trainees and supervisors will participate in collective learning through shared experiences and challenges, with discussions led by facilitators.


Funding will be provided to compensate for agency administrative costs, to cover travel to Practical Application Week, to offset Induction costs, and to compensate supervisors.


For more information, contact Diana Doucette, CALI Director, at