CALI Program of Study

CALI Program of Study

CALI is currently partnering with interpreter referral agencies in AK, CO, CT, ID and VT to provide a year-long program of study starting in October 2022. The program of study ranges from foundational information regarding atypical language factors and implications to applying interpreting strategies. Interpreters will experience both asynchronous and synchronous learning. The program is offered to a cohort of 20 trainees and 10 supervising partners and CEUs are available.

Online Modules

From October through March, the trainees will participate in four online learning modules. The modules will be facilitated by interpreter educators. Each module consists of 3-5 hours of work per week, and the trainees are eligible to earn CEUs.

Supervising Partner Module

The supervisors will participate in their own 12-week, Supervising Partner Module. The online training will be facilitated by an experienced supervisor. The module consists of 3-5 hours of work per week, and the supervisors are eligible to earn CEUs. 

Practical Application Virtual Experience (PAVE)

After completing the modules, the trainees and supervising partners take an online program together where they will have the opportunity to apply the various skills and knowledge learned during the previous modules to prepare them for the induction component of the program of study. PAVE runs for 6 weeks and requires 5 hours of work each week.


After PAVE the trainees will complete induction hours, with the supervising partners providing supervision and guidance.  

Criteria for Participation

Trainees: Each trainee should have at least five years of interpreting experience. 

Supervising Partners: Each supervising partner should have at least 10 years of interpreting experience, as well as supervision/mentoring experience.

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