Annotated Bibliography

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The Annotated Bibliography includes articles, books, presentations, and videos related to atypical language and relevant to CALI’s curriculum development. Each resource is summarized in ASL and English and includes direct links whenever possible. We’d like to thank Dr. Neil Glickman, Dr. Lori Whynot, Rosa Lee Timm, and Damon Timm for their involvement.

The Annotated Bibliography consists of the following categories:

Sign Language Development
Adult Communication Skills and Assessments
Forensic Psychology
Interpreting for Persons with Atypical Language
Language Deprivation Syndrome
Language Dysfluency in Hearing Persons
Mental Health Assessment and Treatment
Neurology of Language
Traditionally Underserved Deaf People
Wellbeing and Health Literacy

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For more information on the methodology, application, and intended outcomes of the Annotated Bibliography, read CALI’s executive summary here.

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