About the Lab

The Biomaterials Design Group at Northeastern University works at the interface of bio-analytical chemistry, materials science, and design. We investigate fundamental mechanisms behind systems in biology and use our understanding to better inform the design new classes of protein-based biomaterials that may interface with or enhance the performance of humans. Once we identify key molecules or proteins involved in system processes, we develop strategies to build their structure dependent function into macromolecular materials using customized manufacturing techniques. Current research projects focus on building photonic sensors inspired by cephalopods and designing bionic protein materials for implantable electronics. For more information about what we do, check out our research section here.


04/2019 - Congrats to Tom for his latest paper on the electro-catalyzed synthesis of squid pigment xanthommatin published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering!

03/2019 - Thrilled to see our collaborative work on cephalopod chromatophores published in Nature Communications! Congrats to Tom and team for leading this effort!

02/2019 - Congrats to Tom for a successful PhD defense!!

12/2018 - Congrats to Amrita and team for their latest paper on nature-inspired electrochromics in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces!

11/2018 - Congrats to Conor and team for their latest paper in Advanced Functional Materials!

Research Highlights

williams et al

Check out our sustainable method to synthesize the squid pigment xanthommatin in this new report!

Check out how our team uncovered how these complex organs work, what they are made of, and why they are so unique in biology!

Nature-inspired ECDs!

Nature-inspired ECDs!