Students in the bioinformatics program gain real-world knowledge, awareness, perspective, and confidence during a 3 to 6-month graduate co-op internship in industry or academia. We help you explore your interests and identify potential career options that will allow you to make informed career decisions. Our co-op program allows each student to gain the confidence needed to move toward their goals while blending their studies and professional experiences. As the recognized leader in experiential learning and a trusted source of high caliber students, Northeastern enjoys relationships with more than 2500 public and private sector employers on seven continents.

Recent bioinformatic co-op placements have included the Broad Institute, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and pharmaceutical giants including Genzyme, Millennium, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, and Novartis.

“I am currently in the final stage of the interview process for a data analyst position in New York City. This position encompasses the skills from both my internship at Molina Healthcare and Bioinformatics curriculum at Northeastern University. I believe the combination of these, along with the analytics tools I have learned throughout the Northeastern Bioinformatics program have prepared me well for the launch into my professional career.”

Brittany Betts, MS in Bioinformatics 2017

“One of the best decision I have ever made was choosing to do my Co-op at Bluebird Bio. This was my first time working in the Biotech industry contributing to oncology process development directly. Bluebird Bio was an amazing place to work where everyone was passionate about the work they do and conscious of putting patients first. As Bluebird Bio is a relatively new company, the fast-paced environment made me feel challenged and learn new things quickly. The best part of my co-op experience was the opportunity to work with so many great scientists.”

Preeti Lakshman Kumar, MS in Bioinformatics 2017

“Northeastern University’s Bioinformatics program gave me the solid foundation in molecular biology and bioinformatic computational methods I needed to apply my systems development skills to biological questions. Northeastern’s established ties with co-op employers provided a number of choices, including the Perrimon Lab at Harvard Medical School, where I had the opportunity to co-author my first scientific paper and develop a web-based application for proteomic analysis of high-throughput data sets.”

Charles Roesel, MS in Bioinformatics 2013

“My internship at Millennium has been an incredible learning experience. This was the first time I had ever been exposed to enterprise-level computer systems and the complexity that comes with them. I learned a lot about what it takes to create and maintain such a system, this experience will be invaluable at future jobs.”

William Oemler, MS in Bioinformatics 2011

We encourage all interested employers or organizations to contact us if you are looking to employ one of our talented bioinformaticians as a co-op.