Interested in our Bioinformatics Program, but think your background might not be a match?

Consider our ALIGN program. Whether you are looking for a career change or are already a working professional that has an interest in entering the growing and evolving field of bioinformatics, this program is for you. This program was created specifically to prepare non-science, bachelor of arts degree holders for the high-demand bioinformatics field, regardless of their experience or undergraduate major. The MS in Bioinformatics ALIGN program combines core coursework in bioinformatics computational methods, programming, and statistics with graduate electives that offer you the flexibility to specialize and build a broader knowledge base.  ALIGN offers custom curricula in on-ground, online, and hybrid formats at our Boston and Seattle campuses as well as 100-percent online and includes the benefits of our co-op experience and Northeastern’s Global Network.

To learn more, please visit our ALIGN Website.