We Build Biotech.

The Biotech Entrepreneurs hopes to serve as an environment where motivated graduate students from across all disciplines can come together to be inspired. By working together with people from various backgrounds, our members will gain a holistic and worldly understanding of problems and become empowered to solve them in creative and innovative ways. Furthermore, through education and lectures, we hope to cultivate strong business skills within the organization’s members. We hope to instill values of leadership and teamwork in order to help our member’s become more successful following their graduate career.

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Our mission is to create an interdisciplinary organization that brings together ambitious and creative minds to foster critical and innovative solutions for the improvement of human health and general welfare.


Our purpose of the Biotech Entrepreneurs Organization is to instill within its members an entrepreneurial drive and strong business skills through collaboration and education in order to stimulate innovation and accelerate ideas from concepts to tangible solutions.

The Executive Board

  • Gino Karlo Delos Reyes

    President and Co-founder


  • Joshua Scaralia

    Vice-President and Co-founder


  • Sanjin Hosic

    Secretary and Co-founder


  • Garima Bhardwaj

    VP Public Relations


  • Adedokun Adedoyin

    Treasurer and Co-founder


  • Philip Gregory

    Business Development and Co-founder


  • Daniel Ventre

    Development Chair and Co-founder


  • Solomon Mensah




Our Objective

A lot of work goes into founding a biotechnology company…

As graduate students, we are often so focused on our own research that we are often remiss of taking off the blinders of our own projects. The Biotech Entrepreneurs hopes to encourage students to step outside of their fluorescently lit labs and explore the world of entrepreneurship and biotechnology. We hope to deconvolute the process of taking a potentially disruptive idea or technology from concept to a tangible product.

Winning Idea

Hire Key Personnel/Partners

IP Protection/Patent Filing

Fund Raising

Design of Marketing/Business Strategy

FDA Approval

Connecting Students and Expanding Networks

By taking advantage of the following resources available here at Northeastern University, and the Boston Biotechnology Community, our members will gain the tools and savvy necessary to become a better entrepreneur. Our members will gain valuable insight while also expanding their respective professional networks.


Regularly Scheduled Events:

  • Annual NEU Alumni Entrepreneur Mixer

    To kick off the start of a new academic year and to welcome all of the incoming graduate students, the Biotech Entrepreneurs will host an Alumni Entrepreneurship Mixer. The event will feature tables where representatives of the companies that Alumni have founded, which gives the students an opportunity to meet them and share sights in an informal setting.

  • Biotech Bootcamp

    Throughout the year, we will host workshops and modules that take you through the steps of taking an idea from concept to prototype to full-blown company. These workshops will be hosted by renowned and experienced biotechnology entrepreneurs, patent attorneys, and Northeastern Alumni.

  • Seminar Series

    What better way to learn about biotech and business than from experienced entrepreneurs? Every month, we will host speakers who will share their experiences in starting a biotech company. You’ll learn about the hardships, the glory, and everything else in between first-hand in an interactive environment.

Upcoming Events:

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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