Student Interest Groups

All About SIGs


What is a Student Interest Group (SIG)?

A Student Interest Group, or SIG, is a group of students who have agreed to come together around a specific topic of interest. SIGs are not recognized as official student clubs by the student government body at Northeastern University. They are informal student groups that are started on the SFBA regional campus. The Student Services office will keep a list of all current SIGs and their Officers.


What are the requirements to start a SIG?

SIGs must be open to all Northeastern SFBA students who are interested in the topic, and may not be restricted by college enrollment, social identity, etc. Before starting a new SIG, please confirm that one does not already exist around that topic.

To start a new SIG, students must submit a proposal including:

  • SIG Name
  • SIG Mission Statement
    • In a paragraph, what is the purpose of your group and how will you achieve it
  • Officer List
    • At a minimum, each SIG must submit the information for two officers:
      • Name
      • Email address
      • Program of Study including anticipated graduation month/year
  • Title in SIG (President, VP, etc.)
    • Officers must be in good standing with Northeastern. Information for more officers and members are welcome, and this information will be updated every year.
  •  List of 3 events your SIG would like to hold each year
    • These are examples and can change

This proposal is submitted to the Student Services office and once received, they will reach out to schedule a meeting with the SIG officers to discuss their group and review resources and offer suggestions. If all questions are settled, the SIG will be considered ratified after this meeting and be posted to the SFBA website.

What are the benefits of starting/joining a SIG?

  • Reserve meeting space on campus
  • Advertise in our weekly student newsletter
  • Share events and highlights on our SFBA Instagram and other social media platforms
  • Apply for funding to host events in accordance with their Mission Statement
  • Work with the Student Services office to brainstorm and scope events, and get connected with organizations/businesses/resources
  • Advertise their SIG at a SIG Fair twice a year, in September and January
  • Be a great place to develop leadership skills, make connections, and improve the student experience for all learners at NU SFBA

General guidelines for being a successful SIG:

  • Collect the names and emails of interested students and add them to a mailing list or other communication group. Make sure you can communicate regularly with interested students to announce meetings or events! Have a way to pull a list of all of your members if NU needs this information.
  • Establish regular meeting times. If you have a regular meeting schedule, you can advertise this around campus.
  • Plan events early. Requests for space are easier to meet with at least 1 week notice. As specified in the funding application, funding for events must be requested at least 4 weeks in advance. Speakers/guests to campus also need to be approved in advance.
  • Schedule meetings with the Student Services team to discuss your proposed events to make sure they will be successful!


Contact Jackie Li, Director of Student Services, at or Hing Potter, Assistant Director of Student Services, at