Current Students

Northeastern University–San Francisco Bay Area has a host of resources for students looking to make the most of their graduate studies. Some of these resources are specific to our Silicon Valley campus and some are benefits for any Northeastern student. Below are ways to enrich your experience and find the tools you need to succeed. You can always reference the Silicon Valley Campus Guide and San Francisco Campus Guide as well.

Campus Support

Northeastern University–San Francisco Bay Area provides campus support in a variety of ways to help you make the most out of your graduate experience.

Husky Card

The Northeastern Husky Card is the official identification card of Northeastern. Along with identification, it is also used for printing and resource checkout. All students are required to carry their Husky Card while on campus and may be asked to show their Husky Card for identity verification.

For instructions on how to obtain a Husky Card, go to the New Students page and scroll down to the “Husky Student ID Card” section. There is a $25 nonrefundable fee to replace a lost or stolen Husky Card.

Wi-Fi and Technology Checkout

Northeastern University–Silicon Valley offers fast Wi-Fi to all Northeastern students. When on campus, use the network “NUWave” and log in using your myNEU credentials.

You can also utilize our laptop checkout while on campus. Students can check out technology for a specific time period by visiting the front desk or contacting the administrative coordinator.


Printers are set up in the back corner of the campus, near the kitchen area. The Northeastern Printing Plan annually provides a limited amount of free printing to students and faculty.

At the start of the academic year, members of the Northeastern community receive a $120 credit on their Husky Cards that can be used at the color and black and white printers. The annual credit does not roll over from year to year, and when your balance hits $0.00, the printing system will default to using Husky Dollars. Learn more here.

Click to view printer installation instructional video for Mac or for PC.

Group Study Areas

Enjoy the benefits of meeting with classmates to work on projects or study together in all open resource and lounge areas of our campus. Students can reserve space for individual study and small group meetings during weekday business hours by visiting the front desk or contacting the administrative coordinator.

Student Access Procedure

Students, faculty, alumni, and other visitors can access the campus via the main Northeastern University–Silicon Valley entrance, located on 4 N. 2nd St, San Jose, CA 95113. Students will use their unique access badges to gain entrance into the campus.

Application forms for an access badge will be provided to the students prior to the start of the program. All-access badges are supervised under the security team of Integrated Device Technology.

Please contact the front desk or the administrative coordinator immediately if you cannot locate your access badge. In a case where the Silicon Valley staff is not available and you need to reach IDT security, please call 408.284.8200 and identify yourself as a Northeastern student.

Academic Resources

Our degree programs are designed to allow students to choose from online and hybrid learning options. We make every effort to offer courses in a variety of formats; however, enrollments determine course offerings from term to term.

We encourage you to discuss course options with your advisor or Student Services team who will be aware of the current courses and format options available for your program of study.

Contact our Advising Team:

Mike De Vera

Assoc Director of Grad Advising

Khoury College of Computer Sciences

Anna Olson

Assoc Director of Grad Advising

Khoury College of Computer Sciences

Jeffrey Lam

Co-Op Grad Advisor

College of Engineering

Drew Ochengco

Assistant Co-op Ed Coordinator

College of Engineering

Kevin Holt

Academic & Career Advisor

College of Professional Studies

Giscard Dimanche

International Student Advisor

Jackie Li

Director of Student Services

Hing Potter

Asst Director of Student Services


Graduate Catalog

The Graduate Catalog contains Northeastern’s primary statements about student academic life and conduct, and the responsibilities of students and the university to one another, as authorized by the president or the Board of Trustees.

Academic Calendar

Trying to plan your year? The university academic calendar provides the information you need to stay on track with your degree.

Writing Center – Virtual Consulting

The Writing Center is made up of Northeastern University writing instructors and graduate students studying composition theory, literature, ­and technical or professional writing. The Writing Center offers online consulting for any level writer and works with graduate students from all academic disciplines, speakers of other languages, as well as native speakers of English, and weak, average, and strong writers.

Sign up for online appointments up to one week in advance.


The Northeastern University Library offers an online hub of resources, as well as library staff who are available via phone 24 hours a day to assist students with access to the more than 548,806 e-books and 83,511 electronic journals available. Silicon Valley students have their own library home page with contacts and resources available here. San Francisco students can also access their library page with contacts and resources available here.

The Silicon Valley area has two public library systems. Both the San Jose Public Library and Santa Clara County Library District also offer a number of services available to members, including books, DVDs, and music rentals, print services, study and research space, and author events.

The San Francisco area has one main library system, San Francisco Public Library. The Main Library is the resource center for the entire San Francisco Public Library system and the libraries of Northern California.

Get started by getting your library card and visiting your community library.

International Students Library Guide: The Library Online

International Students Library Guide provides resources and information that are particularly useful for an international student to navigate the physical and online environment at the University Libraries.

Student Grievances

Northeastern has processes and resources to ensure that students’ grievances are treated with respect and addressed in a fair and professional manner. Both formal and informal means to resolve issues are available. Students may contact the Silicon Valley campus staff for assistance, as well as consult the university website for information on academic policies and procedures: University OmbudsUniversity Registrar, and Graduate Catalog/University-Wide Academic Policies and Procedures.

Student Services

Northeastern University-San Francisco Bay Area aims to support students through a number of careers and financial services on campus and virtually.

SF and Silicon Valley Campus Resources

  • Student Services and Student Ambassadors Team are here to help you have the best experience possible as a learner on our SF and Silicon Valley campuses. If you need assistance with anything related to the student experience, please feel free to contact Hing Potter, Assistant Director of Student Services, at If you would like to speak with our current Student Ambassador team, reach out to Hing and he can connect you.
  • Student Interest Groups (SIGs) are groups of students who have agreed to come together around a specific topic of interest. These interests can be academic, professional, social, cultural and more. Learn more about SIGs here, how to start one, and what SIGs are currently active on our campuses.
  • NUFundMe is a professional development grant open to SF and Silicon Valley students. Current students in good standing can apply to receive funds to help cover the cost of attending a variety of professional and academic opportunities, including conferences and networking events. Please check our application for more details. All students who win an award will be required to give back to the campus community through a reflection, panel, or info session event. Please email Jackie Li, Director of Student Services, at if you have other questions.

Career Services

Northeastern University Employer Engagement and Career Design specialize in helping students figure out which career path might work best for them, as well as support in searching for a job, building a network, preparing for an interview, etc.

One-hour phone or Skype appointments can be made with a Northeastern career counselor Mondays through Thursdays, 5:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. PST, and Fridays, 5:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. PST. You can schedule an appointment through myNortheastern or contact 617.373.2430.

NUcareers is Northeastern’s database of career and cooperative education (co-op) job opportunities. Northeastern students and alumni who have 0-3 years of work experience can use NUcareers to research and apply for internships and post-graduation jobs.

Student Financial Services

Northeastern’s Student Financial Services is committed to helping you navigate the process of applying for federal financial aid and other types of aid such as scholarships and loans.

myNortheastern Account

myNortheastern is an electronic gateway for the Northeastern community and offers a one-stop shop for services targeted to members of the community by role.

IT Services

Northeastern’s Information Technology Services provides central support for technology infrastructure, services, and applications to more than 30,000 students, faculty, and staff and a host of other services tailored to the online student. Check out some of the resources available to graduate students here.

Desiree Gualandri, ITS support specialist, is available as a resource to Seattle, San Francisco and Silicon Valley campuses. Contact her via email at or phone at 206.254.7502 to ask a question or to schedule an appointment.

International Student Services

The Office of Global Services is committed to being an active resource to the university’s community of international students, scholars, and their families. We provide professional expertise and support from the time of admission to beyond graduation.

Giscard Dimanche, designated school official, supports and advises students about F-1 student status, I-20 requests, and other related questions or concerns. You can find him in his office or email him at or call 408.707.3697 to request an appointment.

Disability Resource Center

Students needing accommodations or services due to a disability are able to access Northeastern’s Disability Resource Center. You will find information about who the DRC serves, its staff and contact information, and other available services, including how to access a variety of accommodations and services .

Health Resources

For students searching for health insurance, there are several options in the Silicon Valley area.

Northeastern University Student Health Plan

The Northeastern University Student Health Plan is a commitment to the health and well-being of each of our students.  NUSHP provides affordable, comprehensive healthcare coverage anywhere, including 24/7 emergency medical care anywhere in the world.  All full-time students will be automatically enrolled in NUSHP. Eligible students may waive NUSHP via myNortheastern once the charges for NUSHP appear on their bill.

Stay on Your Parent’s Insurance

Under the Affordable Care Act, if a parent’s plan covers children, they may keep the student on their health insurance policy until he or she turns 26 years old.

COBRA for Students

Students age 26 and older, who are no longer eligible for coverage under a parent’s health insurance plan, may be eligible for COBRA. There are other categories that may make individuals eligible for 18 to 36 months of COBRA. For more information about COBRA, see the U.S. Department of Labor’s Fact Sheet.

Individual Health Insurance Coverage for Students in California

Covered California is California’s official healthcare marketplace where you can compare plans and receive financial assistance based on your income and family size.

The California Department of Insurance has responsibility for regulating all insurance business in California under the authority granted by the insurance laws of this state.