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Our Partnerships

World-Class Partnerships. A Real-World Education.

Northeastern is a university engaged with the world. Our network of more than 3,300 employer partners spans seven continents, offering students the opportunity to gain valuable, hands-on experience locally and abroad.

And it’s that experience that makes the difference. It’s why we’ve pioneered an experiential learning model that combines classroom study with real-world work.

Our students are taking what they’ve learned in class and applying it to roles at industry-leading companies. Take our partnership with General Electric. Students are able to work toward their Bachelor of Science in Advanced Manufacturing Systems while also working at GE; they’re earning credits and a paycheck simultaneously.

Or explore our partnership with the Boston Ballet. The company’s professional dancers are able to earn their college degree while continuing to perform, so when their last performance comes, they’re prepared for their new career to begin.

We formed a similar partnership with Major League Baseball. Professional players now have access to educational opportunities they can leverage during and after their baseball career, so that their career doesn’t end when their final season does.

For people just beginning their careers, we’ve partnered with Grow with Google to help aspiring IT professionals earn their college degrees. Students who complete the Google IT Professional Support Certificate will have the opportunity to translate this experience into transfer credits, reducing the time to completion and cost of earning a degree.

And that’s just the start. Through our partnerships with these world-class employers—who are embedded in countries worldwide—our students are able to receive a real-world education. It’s hard to compete with that.