TEXPO 2017 Follow-up: Production Options for Classroom Recording and Engagement

Thank you for attending Production Options for Classroom Recording and Engagement. The session recording is now posted. Below you’ll find information related to production options.

The best way to make a plan to get started with producing video is to send an email to ats@northeastern.edu with a little information about what you’d like to do so that we can set up a time to talk about your goals and what technologies would make that process most successful for you.

The primary tool used for lecture and screen capture on blackboard.neu.edu is Tegrity. We can set up an appointment to help you download the software and get started, or you can find self-service information about Tegrity on our website.

For more complex teaching and learning video projects, Terry Beadle is our staff videographer and production manager. Please read about our video production and editing support options here.

PlayPosit is an interactive video tool that allows you to create an interactive video activity by embedding questions and discussions into videos created through Tegrity or almost any video production process. Blackboard integration is supported for easy sign-on and placement into Blackboard courses. Find out more about PlayPosit here or sign up for a hands-on session focusing on PlayPosit, Thursday, May 4th 12:30 – 2:00 during our May the Fourth Training Day event. Registration is required so that we can provide you with event login information.

Finally, to provide an easy way for students to connect to each other in a discussion-board format using audio and video, VoiceThread is a video and voice discussion board tool that is easy to use with quick setup and gradebook integration that supports a wide variety of teaching and learning activities, including online student presentations. You can find out more about VoiceThread at this link.

ATS also has some upcoming workshops on related technologies

  • Building Lessons with PlayPosit: 5/23, 6/12, 7/25, 8/23
  • Introduction to Final Cut Pro: 5/10, 6/30
  • Introduction to Tegrity: 5/8, 6/8, 7/27, 8/18
  • VHS to Digital: What You Should Know 5/5
  • VoiceThread Multimedia Discussions: 5/12
  • Digital Storytelling: 6/21
  • Mobile Device Photography: 5/24, 7/24

Please visit our website to see other available courses! We would also be happy to schedule a one-on-one session for any tools we support at your convenience.

Finally, please provide feedback on our TEXPO 2017 Feedback Survey to help us plan for next year or to provide ideas about what you’d like to see or present. Recordings of sessions and any supplementary materials for sessions you may not have been able to attend are now posted on our TEXPO 2017 homepage as well.