TEXPO 2017 Follow Up: Leveraging Data Tools in the Teaching and Learning Space

Thank you for attending Leveraging Data Tools in the Teaching and Learning Space. The session recording is now posted. Below you’ll find information related to incorporating data into your classroom and university work.

Our moderator Sarah Sweeney is Digital Repository Manager for the Library’s Digital Repository Service and is an invaluable partner for any community member seeking answers about how best to provide thoughtful access to data created through projects. The Digital Repository Service is a secure repository system, designed to store and share scholarly, administrative, and archival materials on behalf of the Northeastern University community. The DRS was developed by Northeastern University Libraries as a tool for University faculty and staff to protect the valuable information and data that has been created as part of the University’s research and instructional mission. It provides long-term security for the files it stores, as well as access management controls and support for various metadata standards to help ensure that data is as accessible and usable in the present and the future. Sarah also works with the Digital Scholarship Group, which provides expertise, infrastructure, and strategic guidance for researchers and digital projects of all sorts.

Felicia Lassk, Janet Monagle, and Antonio Solano have also provided their slides for the session, which may be found on the TEXPO 2017 homepage.

The Data Resource Portal is available for sneak preview at https://www.northeastern.edu/dataresources. This site was devised as a gateway to discover tools, resources, and support available for every step of the data process from gathering to visualization. The portal represents the ongoing collaboration between Information Technology Services, subject matter experts, and data scientists throughout Northeastern. We plan to advertise the Data Resource Portal to the community in the fall. As of now, the Data Resource Portal is about 80% complete, and over the summer we will be working to partner with the community to add resources and highlight experts and services available at Northeastern. If you would like to be a collaborator on this project in any capacity, including having your name listed as a linked resource along with your specializations, please email ats@northeastern.edu. We are also seeking feedback on the site itself. If you have an opportunity to review the site, please fill out our feedback form so that we can gather information and use cases that will help us better meet the needs of the university.

Northeastern provides licensing for a few different qualitative and quantitative research tools. For a full list of university-licensed software, review our list and sourcing information here. The two newest additions to our offerings are NVivo and Qualtrics. Training is available on a regular basis for Qualtrics (see below), and we’ll be offering a special virtual training session on NVivo offered by an NVivo training specialist during our May the Fourth Training Day event, Thursday May 4th 2:00pm – 4:00pm. Registration is required so that we can provide you with event login information.

ATS workshops on Qualtrics:

  • Introduction to Qualtrics: 6/7, 6/28, 8/25
  • Qualtrics Reporting: 5/9, 6/9, 6/26, 8/18

Please visit our website to see other available courses! We would also be happy to schedule a one-on-one session for any tools we support at your convenience.
Finally, please provide feedback on our TEXPO 2017 Feedback Survey to help us plan for next year or to provide ideas about what you’d like to see or present. Recordings of sessions and any supplementary materials for sessions you may not have been able to attend are now posted on our TEXPO 2017 homepage as well.