Digital Media Support

Digital Media Services is a division of Information Technology Services. Our mission is to assist faculty and their students with the production of digital media materials and to encourage and enhance their use of current and emerging media technology to support teaching, learning and research. We are located in 212 SL.

  • Video and audio production
  • Video and audio editing
  • Video and audio duplication
  • DVD / CD production and duplication
  • Media production and consultation for Blackboard, presentations and the Web
  • VHS to digital conversion
  • Video format conversion (PAL and SECAM)
  • 35mm slide scanning
  • 35mm slide transfers to video
  • Digital photography
  • Various media workshops customized to meet your needs  See workshops
  • Project consultation

Note that copyright restrictions might apply in some instances.

About Copyright and Digital Rights Management

U.S. Copyright Law and applicable guidelines govern the use, preparation, duplication and reproduction of copyrighted materials in any media form. Digital Media Services adheres to and will not knowingly violate the intent and the specifics of copyright laws. Digital Media Services will not duplicate nor reproduce copyrighted materials without written permission from the copyright owner. Copyright ownership information usually can be found in the recorded or printed material itself or on labels, covers and packaging. It is the responsibility of the person requesting production services to obtain copyright permission. Please contact us about more information regarding copyright law.

Copyrighted material can often be found streaming through legitimate sources. The library has contracted with several multimedia streaming services to provide faculty and students the ability to embed a selection of movies for educational purposes. View the various options here.