Read&Write Gold

Read&Write Gold is a discreet, customizable toolbar that integrates reading, writing, studying, and research support tools with common applications. Students can download it for use on a home computer, either Mac or PC, from the software downloads section in MyNeu, and it is installed on all Northeastern Lab machines.

There are many features, and though some may seem basic for college students, most will be useful for some students, and many, such as the text-to-speech, scanning, and highlighting function will be useful for anyone.

Note that this software requires some vision in order to interact with the toolbar. Low-vision users may be able to benefit from the features. Blind users will need a designated screen reading program such as ZoomText Screen Reader.


  • Toolbar: The Read&Write toolbar that supports a variety of reading, writing, and research tasks
  • Reading: Document and Webpage Reader, Speak as I Type, Turn on and off ScreenReading, Text Highlighting, Screenshot Reader, Text-to-Audio-File, PDF Read Aloud
  • Reading Support: Scanner, Dictionary, Picture Dictionary, Text Translator, Screen Masking
  • Study Skills: Collect information, Vocabulary Word Lists, Word Cloud, Voice Note
  • Research: Fact Finder, Fact Folder, Fact Mapper
  • Writing and Self-Editing: Spell Checker, Word Prediction, Sounds Like and Confusable Words, Verb Checker, Speak While Typing, Word Cloud, Voice Note
  • Additional Features: Speech Input, Word Wizard, Daisy Reader, Pronunciation Tutor, Calculator

Selected Tutorials

Below are some tutorials that show some of the more widely useful study skills features. Note that PC and Mac versions will differ in functionality.

Quick Start Guides

Speech Input

Speech Input allows your speech to be converted to text.

Voice Note

Voice Note inserts a recorded voice message in a Word Document.

Fact Folders

Fact Folders act like a more modern version of old fashioned note cards.


Scanning capabilities allow you to turn almost any document or ebook text into a Word document, a HTML document, or a PDF document so that you can use the other Read&Write Gold tools such as Text-to-Speech or Study Skills Highlighter.

Study Skills Highlighter

Study Skills Highlighter allows you to highlight content in a word document or from a web page and collect all the highlights, even sorted by color; good for collecting research and keeping a bibliography.


Listen to text on the screen be read to you with highlighting to indicate what word and sentence is being read

Screen Masking

Improve your focus while reading on a screen by using screen masking to darken the parts of the screen that you’re not reading at the moment. Instructors can use this while projecting at the front of the classroom to focus students on the content currently being addressed.

PDF Accessibility Editor

The PDF Accessibility Editor allows you to create accessible PDFs: you can change the reading order, add alternative text, and tag the document with heading information.

Create a LexiFlow book

Turn an ebook into a talking book (requires Flash for playback)