Closed Captioning for Tegrity and Other Media

Closed captioning is a supported service for both on-ground and on-line learning at Northeastern. Closed captioning addresses compliance issues for hearing impaired viewers, improves accessibility for students whose first language is not English, improves comprehension and retention of media content for viewers, and provides flexibility for viewers with mobile devices in environments where access to audio is limited, such as in the library.

There are two types of Captioning available: High-accuracy captioning that costs $4/minute payable by the requesting department and low accuracy captioning that can be autogenerated by Tegrity.

Requesting Auto-Generated Captioning in Tegrity

Tegrity provides auto-generated captioning for videos as a free service. While the accuracy makes this type of captioning unsuitable for accommodation requests, it does provide students with text that allows them to follow along with the sound off in some cases and may also provide searchability within the lecture.

To request auto-generated captioning for your recording, select the box to the right of the Tegrity video and hover over “Recording Tasks.” From there select “Autogenerate Captions.”

Requesting High-Accuracy Closed Captioning for Tegrity Videos

High-accuracy closed captioning is 99% accurate and is suitable for accommodation requests. The request process is integrated with the Tegrity lecture capture system and requires departmental approval and funding.

You must complete both steps for each video that you would like captioned.

Step 1: Request captioning in Tegrity

Select the box to the right of the Tegrity video and then hover over “Recording Tasks.” From there select “Request Captions.”

Step 2: Request captioning and provide the funding line through ServiceNow

In addition, a request form must be filled out and submitted at A Tegrity administrator reviews and approves caption requests after determining the funding line of the requesting department. When the captions are complete, the captioned files are returned to Tegrity and captions are automatically displayed for viewers. This process usually takes about four days. The cost is $4 per recorded minute.

Captioning for Non-Tegrity Media

Captioning also is available for DVDs, or VHS tapes converted to DVDs. This service is for video DVDs that play in standard DVD players only, not for interactive DVDs that can be played on computers only. Copyright permission will be reviewed and approved before captioning and converting DVDs and tapes. Contact for more information about DVD captioning.


Instructors and staff who want to use closed captioning services are encouraged to email for instructions and information.

For assistance with this service, contact the Service Desk at 617.373.4357 (xHELP) or open a service request in myHelp. See the myHelp Support page to learn more about submitting a self-service request.

CART Services

If you are a University professor or campus visitor requesting communication access for a campus event, please click here to access and complete and submit the “Interpreter/CART Request for Event” form.

Free Captioning Tools

There are several free captioning resources and tools available on the web, below are a couple we recommend. In addition, some video hosting websites like YouTube, have captioning functionality built-in, including options to upload caption files and transcribe with auto-sync.