Solstice Device

Solstice enables multiple users to connect simultaneously to a shared display using a range of devices over a WiFi or Ethernet network.

With a Solstice Pod connected display in the room,  any number of users can instantly connect, share and control the display, fostering collaboration and decision-making.

It works on PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Downloading the App from Mersive for your laptop and PCs will allow for quick connecting in the classroom.

If you would like to test drive a solstice, sign up on GoSignMeUp.

Connecting to Solstice in the Classroom

You can download instructions here, or watch this video:

Click on the icons to see how to Download the app from Google Play Store for Android or The App Store for iOS, click on the icon to watch a quick video:


Android v. 2.8.0                 iOS v. 2.8.0


Improving Student Engagement

Solstice provides instructors with new content sharing methods that eliminate the disruptions associated with the conventional student engagement model. Solstice’s Moderator Mode allows students to share content during the session without interruption, meanwhile the instructor will receive a thumbnail preview notification. The instructor can then decide to approve or reject the shared content during a pause or break in the lecture before posting to the display. This improves student engagement as students can share content ad-hoc without the worry of disrupting the lecture in progress. Currently the lecterns in the ISEC classrooms are set to Moderator Mode.

Enriching Lesson Content

To create a more free-form and dynamic presentation, Solstice enables teachers to share content from various sources in addition to PowerPoint slides – such as desktop video, web browsers, spreadsheets, PDF’s, and many more. Solstice also allows for students to connect to the display and share content from their personal devices (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android), which drives student engagement. Solstice also gives instructors the ability to place lecture content in the dock area prior to a lecture, which allows for more time for discussion and less time searching for & opening content. This aids educators in capturing student attention with interactive content and thus driving student engagement.

Active Learning Classroom

In a normal TEAL (Technology Enabled Active Learning) environment, students broken up into teams share content with the other groups. The collection, organization, and curation of this content can take up useful class time. Students using Solstice-connected devices can post all their content to the display in an instant and organize it in “stacks”, and flip through the content in an ad-hoc manner.

Quick Start Guides:

Quick Start Guide

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