Qualtrics for Teaching and Learning

Qualtrics is a robust tool that can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including assessments, branch learning, and self-evaluations. On this page, you will find resources and guides for using Qualtrics in teaching and learning.

Please note, as of right now, Qualtrics does not report grades back to Blackboard, however you can create a column in Grade Center and transfer grades.  

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The Pedagogy of Survey Research
Best Practices for Classroom Use
How to use Qualtrics for Classroom Assessment
Test and Quizzes
Non-traditional Question Types
Create Adaptive or Branched Surveys
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Best Practices for Classroom Use

When using surveys in the classroom or having students create and distribute surveys, it’s important to share and consider the following:

  • Qualtrics Terms and Policies – Review Northeastern’s Terms and Policies for using Qualtrics and surveys.
  • FERPA – All surveys must protect the privacy and confidentiality of student, employee and other institutional information, as required by FERPA (privacy of student information), appropriate state laws, and Northeastern policies.
  • IRB – Does the survey need to go through IRB approval first? Visit the Human Subject Research Protection site for additional information.

How to use Qualtrics for Classroom Assessment

Assessment is the cycle of determining if a process is meeting its expected outcomes and then using that information to maintain or change that process. Applied to the classroom, assessment can focus on measures of student learning or on learning environment being created by the instructor. Online data collection through Qualtrics can make assessment in your classroom efficient and effective.

Tests and Quizzes

Non-Traditional Question Types

Qualtrics offers over 15 question types, watch this video to learn more about the question types available in Qualtrics. Some question types lend themselves for using Qualtrics for teaching and learning. For example, the visual hotspots question type could be used for student identify an area on a map, a specific artery in the heart, and more. Below, you will find links to more information about some non-traditional question types in Qualtrics.

Please note, currently, Northeastern does not have Highlight, Signature, and file Upload question types available.

Create Adaptive or Branched Surveys

Qualtrics provides a variety of options for organizing, displaying, scoring, using embedded data, and much more. As a result, Qualtrics can be used for scenarios, branching, adaptive learning, self-evaluated quizzes and beyond! Below are links to assist in customizing your survey flow and organization.