Qualtrics for Administrative Use

The primary role of the University and Division Administrators is to manage access to the functionality of the Qualtrics system. Faculty, Staff, and Student users will automatically have access to the full functionality of the Qualtrics system with roles based on their user type. If you would like to become a Division Admin of your College, email ats@northeastern.edu.

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Qualtrics Division Administrators

Division Admins are available for the following divisions in Qualtrics. Faculty and staff can contact their respective Division Admin if you would like to create a Qualtrics group, and need additional functions in your user type.

Bouve College Health Sciences – John Griffith jo.griffith@northereastern.edu
D’Amore-McKim School of Business – Kelli Hallamore k.hallamore@northeastern.edu
College of Science – Steven Scyphers s.scyphers@northeastern.edu
College of Professional Studies (CPS) – Kevin Coombs k.coombs@northeastern.edu
Provost – Diana Danelian d.danelian@northeastern.edu and Sylvia De Witt s.dewitt@northeastern.edu
College of Social Sci. + Humanities – Boris Rastings-Sera b.rastingsera@northeastern.edu
University Qualtrics Admin – ITS-ATS ats@northeastern.edu

Best Practices

The following are best practices for divisions, faculty, staff, and students (when applicable) when using Qualtrics:

  • Collaborating or working in a department – We recommend having a group created by your division admin and saving all surveys and libraries to the group. A group is a set of Qualtrics users with access to a shared library of surveys, panels, and other survey data. If you would like to have a group created for your organization send your request to your division admin or create a ticket in the customer service portal with a list of users that should be in the group.

Admin Responsibilities

  • Managing the accounts of the employee and student users within their divisions by creating groups when needed and adjust user types if necessary;
  • Communicating with users within their divisions about the appropriate use of Qualtrics, including account access and Northeastern’s Qualtrics Guidelines and Procedures;
  • Acting as the primary point of contact for their users; and
  • Periodically monitoring system use for compliance within their divisions when reasonable.
  • Only viewing shared data. In order to view others data, Admins must have survey data shared with them or have permission to view data. Note: There is a log available for each user which displays when admins login to their account. Admins should only login to accounts if they are trying to troubleshoot an issue or need to help with something as a request from the user. 

Resources and Training