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Increasing expectations for evidence-based decision-making have made access to survey tools essential for a wide array of users. In order to help streamline data collection and reporting opportunities, Northeastern has acquired a site-wide license for Qualtrics, a web-based survey software tool that supports research, teaching and administration by allowing users to develop and deploy surveys, store data and analyze results.

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Qualtrics Quick Guide
Northeastern’s Qualtrics Features

Surveying at Northeastern
Approval, Scheduling, and Restrictions
Documentation and Training
Making Surveys Accessible
Join Qualtrics User Group

Northeastern’s Qualtrics Features

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Mail distribution tools
  • Statistical analysis and data export tools
  • Results visualization (charts, tables, word clouds, heat maps)
  • Template library of survey questions
  • Round the clock support
  • Built in survey Accessibility Checker


Qualtrics is available to current faculty, staff, and students at Northeastern. Review all appropriate use and privacy policies and log in with your myNEU username and password at neu.qualtrics.com to start creating surveys.

All accounts at Northeastern are part of the NEU brand. Permissions are determined by your role as either faculty/staff or student, with additional permissions or restrictions set by your Qualtrics Division Administrator.

First time logging in? Follow these steps:

Qualtrics users should contact a division administrator to resolve any issues with account permissions or access. If you do not know who your division administrator is, please contact ats@neu.edu.

Need to grant Qualtrics access to a Non-Northeastern collaborator?

To login to Qualtrics, users need myNeu username and passwords. If the collaborator is not a current Northeastern student, faculty, or staff member, you can have them complete the Sponsored Account form. Once they have the Sponsored Account they will be able to login to neu.qualtrics.com and you can then share surveys and collaborate with them in Qualtrics.


Surveying at Northeastern

Each of links will bring you to a separate page that will provide detailed information around process and best practices for using Qualtrics the following purposes:

Administrative Use
Teaching and Learning
For Students

Collaborating on Surveys at Northeastern

You may want to share surveys and results with full or limited access to others inside and/or outside of Northeastern. There are a few options when sharing surveys, visit the Qualtrics sharing surveys support page to learn more.

If you are collaborating on Qualtrics projects on a regular basis with a group of users at the University, we recommend having a Qualtrics Group and sharing collaborating surveys to the group. A group is a set of Qualtrics users with access to a shared library of surveys, contacts, and other project data. By having a group, you can easily share surveys with everyone in that group.

If you want to create a group, contact the Qualtrics Brand Administrator within your College or Department or email ats@northeastern.edu. In the email, include the Group name and all users who should be enrolled in the group. Please note, if a user is new to Northeastern Qualtrics, they must login for the first time before they can be added to the group (this process generates their account in Qualtrics). If you would like to add a user who is a non-Northeastern collaborator, you must have them request a Sponsored Account.

Approval, Scheduling, and Restrictions

Some Qualtrics surveys might need approval before deployment. Please remember that over-surveying can contribute to survey fatigue among respondents, leading to lower response rates and less robust data. Contact your Qualtrics Division Administrator or University Decision Support to obtain survey approval or to check for survey restrictions or conflicts. Visit the Administrative Use page to find your Division Admin. Visit the University Decision Support Survey page for guidance around distribution, timing, and considerations.


Documentation and Training

The resources, links and videos below will assist you when using Qualtrics.


Qualtrics offers weekly webinars and live training with their support staff. For more information or to register for a session, please visit the Qualtrics Platform Overview page.

ATS offers one-on-one Qualtrics training and group workshops for faculty and staff. View our schedule and register here or contact us at ats@neu.edu to schedule private training.


Qualtrics support for users and brand administrators is available at https://www.qualtrics.com/support/

Making your Survey Accessible

When designing a survey you want to ensure your survey is accessible to all users as possible. Qualtrics also has the following statement about accessibility on their website: “Qualtrics is WCAG 2.0 AA compliant. WCAG 2.0 AA compliance is considered to be a higher level of accessibility than the previously targeted Section 508 accessibility standards created by the US Government. Compliance with WCAG 2.0 AA covers all of 508 and qualifies Qualtrics for use in government agencies.”

Qualtrics has a built-in Check Survey Accessibility feature within each survey. The Check Survey Accessibility feature diagnoses your survey, indicates which questions are inaccessible, and gives other recommendations for increased accessibility.

Visit this Qualtrics Support page to learn more about how to Check Survey Accessibility.

Accessible Question Types

When designing surveys, please refer to this list of accessible and non-accessibie question types.

Accessible Question Types are: Descriptive Text, Multiple Choice (all 21 types), Net Promoter® Score, Matrix (except Bipolar and MaxDiff), Text Entry (all types), Rank Order (only Text Entry, Graphic, and Radio), Side by Side, Constant Sum (only Text), Drill Down, Timing, Meta Info, File Upload, Captcha Verification (V2)

Non-accessible Question Types are: Matrix (Bipolar and MaxDiff), Slider, Rank Order (Drag and Drop and Select Box), Constant Sum (Sliders and Bars), Pick Group and Rank, Hot Spot, Heat Map, Graphic Slider, Gap Analysis, Captcha Verification (V1), Signature, Highlight

Join Qualtrics User Groups

Northeastern has a Qualtrics User Group Listserv to help build a community of Qualtrics users. We encourage you to join and pose questions or provide helpful information to the user group.

To join the Qualtrics Listserv, send a request to QUALTRICS_USER_GROUP-request@listserv.neu.edu with the word “subscribe” as the first line of the message body.

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