Poll Everywhere Student Response

For information on student response systems in general and others in use at Northeastern University, including Top Hat, Turning Point, and Learning Catalytics, please click here.

Northeastern Information Technology Services has secured a license for online and on-ground classroom use of Poll Everywhere, a student response solution that allows students to respond to polling questions and displays results in real-time. Poll Everywhere offers usability, a good variety of question types, and web and PowerPoint/Keynote/Google slides delivery.

The Northeastern Poll Everywhere Pro account provides the following upgraded feature-set over the standard free higher-ed accounts:

  • Receive answers from more students (free accounts are limited to 40 responses)
  • Single sign-on using university credentials. Quickest way to log in!
  • Track individual student responses
  • Moderate responses to free text questions
  • Mark answers correct/incorrect and assign points
  • Send grades to the Blackboard gradebook (on blackboard.neu.edu)

License Restrictions for Acceptance of the Poll Everywhere Pro Account:

Support and documentation videos are available below to help you and your students meet these restrictions. It’s painless, but just requires your attention early in the semester.


If you do not agree with the requirements but find yourself with a Poll Everywhere account linked with your @Northeastern address, please 1) email ats@northeastern.edu to let us know about the account and 2) log into your Poll Everywhere account and change your email to a personal account. Here’s a video to show you how to do that.

Support documentation