Tegrity Lecture Capture


Tegrity is the supported lecture capture service for on-ground and on-line learning at Northeastern.  The Tegrity recorder is installed on all classroom computers and available on demand for faculty and staff using NUNET imaged computers.  A cloud-based service and seamless Blackboard integration makes recording, uploading and viewing easy for faculty and students.

Tegrity helps educators build content by providing a simple way to merge visuals and lecture.  No video editing skills are necessary – the Tegrity recorder uses simple record, pause and stop controls to capture the instructor desktop and classroom audio, and includes basic annotation tools for highlighting and drawing.  Recordings and supplementary material can be uploaded to Blackboard through the Tegrity course page to be shared or restricted at instuctor discretion.  Instructors use Tegrity for welcome messages, review sessions, distance learning and course archives.  Students use Tegrity for self-paced learning, note-taking and review.  Tools for running detailed or summary access reports are available from the Tegrity user home page.

December Accessibility Release

On 12/26/2017, Tegrity will unveil a new Accessibility Release with improved captioning workflow. Instructors will now be able to choose between free autocaptions or premium captioning service for a small fee. All free caption requests are processed immediately with no approval required.
Captioning options will be available from the Tegrity Course Menu in Recording Tasks – Request Captions.

Release includes updated iOS and Android Apps and new Mac Recorder, details here.

The Tegrity Player

Tegrity screen capture example. The left frame displays desktop, lecture materials (slides, audio, video). The right top frame displays instructor video, image or logo. The right bottom frame displays preview, lecture notes and links.


Tegrity Features

  • Captioning
  • Search
  • Reporting
  • Tagging
  • Gradebook integration
  • Student recording
  • Webcast
  • Remote Proctor

Tegrity Recording Requirements

Tegrity Viewing Requirements

Installing Tegrity

The Tegrity recorder is preinstalled on all campus classroom PCs. This 1 minute tutorial shows you how to use Tegrity in the classroom:  https://goo.gl/0TEuin

Faculty and instructors using Windows 7 or Mac OS can install Tegrity on NU owned or personal computers for lecture capture anywhere. Click the “Tegrity Classes” link from the course menu in any Blackboard class. The Tegrity Course View page will appear, displaying all courses with recordings and the “Start a Recording” button at the top right side of the page. Clicking this button will initiate the recorder download if it has not already been installed. Once download has completed, the recorder will open.

Step-by-step text recorder installation instructions:

Windows 10 users should install the Tegrity recorder client from Software Center.

Tegrity Mobile

Mobile playback is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android Device. One-time setup process requires a connection code. Please review the setup instructions to obtain a code and install the app:

Remote Proctor

Tegrity’s asynchronous monitoring tool can help instructors keep their online exams secure. Remote Proctor verifies student identity and records the full exam session for later review.

Reporting and Gradebook Tracking

Tegrity offers a number of snapshot and analysis reports to assess student activity and Tegrity impact.

Installing the Download Manager

Best Practices

How-To Instructions


Student Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act governs the release of student information to the public, including information that associates grading information with a particular student or information that confirms a student’s presence in a particular course. As a result, faculty are advised to inform students in the syllabus that lectures may be recorded. In addition, faculty are encouraged to avoid recording video or audio of students unless there is a pedagogical need or unless recording students is necessary in order to capture necessary class proceedings. Further, faculty are encouraged to consider whether students are shown in recordings before deciding to release a video to an audience other than the class it was recorded in.

Faculty and staff are responsible for obtaining student consent for any materials in which student participation is recorded and distributed. A consent and release form is available here (Northeastern Consent and Release Form)

The following offers sample language you may want to use to inform students that classroom lectures may be recorded:

“Lectures may be recorded and made available to students registered for this class using the Northeastern’s Tegrity lecture capture system. Use of Tegrity is intended to supplement the classroom experience. Duplication or redistribution of lecture capture recordings is prohibited without appropriate consent. To view Tegrity lecture recordings on the go, you can download the Tegrity mobile app. For technical assistance and for additional information, please see the lecture capture Tegrity support page: https://www.northeastern.edu/ats/teaching-technology/lecture-capture/

Fair Use

Faculty, staff, and students are responsible for observing copyright law, including educational fair use guidelines, permissions and university policies for incorporating third party content into a Tegrity recording. Please refer to the University’s Patent and Copyright and Fair Use policies for more information.

Duplication or redistribution by students is prohibited. Students may not copy or redistribute lecture capture materials without the express, written permission of the course instructor. Unauthorized duplication or dissemination of lecture capture materials may violate federal or state law and University policy. Violation of University policy may result in disciplinary action.

All videos are the property of Northeastern University.

Tegrity Retention Policy

  • Tegrity content is hosted by Tegrity/Amazon Web Services and made available through Northeastern’s Blackboard integration.
  • Tegrity recordings are maintained on the server for a minimum of 2 years, after which they are archived in their state at the time and moved to storage. These course archives are maintained in perpetuity, and instructors or departments can request that they be restored at any time. Restore requests are made to ATS@neu.edu.
  • Tegrity uses the myNEU account authentication system. User accounts are subject to the myNEU account system policies. Per this policy, student accounts are available for use for 1 year beyond graduation. Faculty/staff accounts are terminated at the end of eligibility for myNEU access.
  • Instructors and program administrators with instructor level privileges may delete content from their own Tegrity recordings at any time.


ATS offers one-on-one Tegrity training and group workshops. View our schedule and register here or contact us at ats@neu.edu to schedule private training.