Blackboard Learning Resources

Blackboard is Northeastern’s learning management system. It has an incredible amount of functionality, but it can sometimes be challenging to find the specific features that you’re looking for. Click on the quickguide on the right to see an overview of Blackboard tools and resources.

This page will provide a few resources to help you get started.

For Faculty: Getting your Course up and Running

Below are some tutorials for the most common tasks in Blackboard.

Intermediate Blackboard Functions

Many other topics are covered in ATS blog posts. You can search our blog in the search field in the top right of this ATS website to search for various topics. Alternatively, you can contact the help desk for immediate assistance. Contact information is provided at the bottom of this page.

Blackboard Training

Instructor-led training: ATS offers a variety of courses on educational technologies on a recurring basis. Please see our course schedule here. Two courses that focus on Blackboard are Introduction to Blackboard and Blackboard Grade Center.

Other courses will provide help with using third-party apps that are integrated into Blackboard that extend the functionality and the types of activities you can include in Blackboard. For more information on these tools, please view the Teaching Technology section of our website.

Online training: In addition, Lynda offers a complete course on Blackboard Learn. You can search for almost any function and find a related video.

One-on-on training: If you would like to make an appointment to explore Blackboard features and customize your Blackboard course, please email to set up a consultation.

Student User Guides and FAQ

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