Tegrity Remote Proctor

Tegrity is more commonly known at Northeastern as a lecture capture tool, but you can turn on Tegrity Remote Proctor and require your students to use it while they take an online assessment. The software will record their video and audio and everything that happens on the screen. You would then review the videos of your students taking exams at high speed to ensure that you see no indications of cheating.

Enabling Remote Proctoring for your Courses

Select “Tegrity Classes” from your Blackboard course, then “Click here to open your Tegrity Session list” and accept the ITS Acceptable Use Policy

Blackboard page of Course Material with course documents folder and new item underneath. New item is a picture of bert and ernie. Bert says to ernie, say ernie would you like some ice cream to which ernie responds sherbert. 
There is a red arrow to the left pointing to Tegrity Classes from the Tegrity Test Course Menu to the left. It is the last item on the list.

Select “Course Tasks” > “Course Settings”

Sample page of Tegrity Test Course. There is a  button labeled start a recording on the top right. Underneath are tabs Recordings, Additional Content, Student Recordings, and Tests. Under the Recordings tab is a view, course tasks and recording tasks drop down menu. Under the course tasks drop down menu course settings is highlight with a red arrow pointing to it.

 Enable Student Testing (Remote Proctoring Mode) and optionally add a course level online test policy for your students to accept prior to starting their proctored test.

Under Course settings are headings Recording, Publishing, Delivery and Tests. Under the Tests heading there are two arrows pointing to checkboxes next to two options. Enable Student testing (Remote Proctoring mode) is the first option and show course testing policy when students start tests is the second. Both boxes are check indicating these options are enabled.

Review recordings

Review recordings under Tegrity Courses under History of Counting. Example page is displayed with top right buttons start a test and start a recording. Underneath are two tabs, recordings and tests. Red arrow is pointing to tests tab and under this tab are recordings to be reviewed.

The recorded student test sessions can be reviewed at 0.7 to 8x speed


Student instructions

Instructions for your students can be found here.