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Other Creation Tools

SoftChalk Cloud SoftChalk Cloud offers similar functionality as SoftChalk Create, but the learning object is hosted on the SoftChalk cloud. Web storage is beneficial if you’ll be working with other staff, working from several computers, or if you want to incorporate any number of free learning resources hosted on SoftChalk Cloud’s Learning Object Repository. Detailed… Read more »

Learning Objects

As learning research has developed, researchers have moved away from thinking about a lesson as a monolithic whole. Instead, they have come to favor a model in which units of instruction or “learning objects” are planned and arranged to support a learning objective. For example, the following learning objects might be part of a standard… Read more »

Customized Solutions

ATS regularly consults with departments, programs, and the university at large to customize training and technology solutions for their specific needs.  Custom technology solutions range from configuring standard software to the acquisition of new hardware or software to meet the goals of the program. Training solutions can range from the creation of training materials to… Read more »

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