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Recording Audio in PowerPoint on a PC

You can record audio in PowerPoint. The process is slightly different but similar between a mac and a PC. This video will show you how to record audio. If you’re having trouble with the filesize of your PowerPoint file, view this slideshow for a workaround.

Recording and adding mp3 files to PowerPoint

Depending on your version of PowerPoint, you may have trouble using the native recording function and getting a file that is small enough to send on the web. If you are seeing large files sizes (larger 35MB), you should probably record your audio separately and import to PowerPoint. The Mac version of PowerPoint in particular… Read more »

Tools for Accessibility Support

For questions and resources related to accessible web development, please view the Northeastern Digital Accessibility Website. Classroom content and interactions should be able to be experienced by all of your students regardless of physical or learning differences. While technology vendors haven't always been so mindful of this legal and ethical mandate, more and more tools... Read more »
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