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Thinking about tracking in class attendance digitally? Below are some tools and ideas that can help. Blackboard Why not utilize Blackboard? There are no extra costs and you already have a course available. Here are a couple ways you could use Blackboard to take attendance: Try the “Qwickly Attendance” option in Blackboard Create a column in the… Read more »

Blackboard Mobile Apps

Bb Student app has a new name! Starting mid-July, you’ll see the name change to Blackboard and a new app tile. The app’s functions remain the same. Be sure to update your app to the newest release. After August 31st, Blackboard Mobile Learn app will no longer be supported, please download the Blackboard App before... Read more »

Blackboard Collaborate Classic

A new, java-free version of Blackboard Collaborate is available for faculty to use. The new version, called Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, will be available in all Northeastern Blackboard courses and runs directly in your web browser, no installation required! Go to the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra page to read more about this upgrade. Email with any… Read more »

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