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Articulate Storyline

Beginning July 1, 2017, Northeastern will have a number of licenses available for Articulate 360 and Storyline 360. Current users of Storyline 1 or 2 will be able to continue using these versions, but no further updates will be provided. We recommend moving to Storyline 360 when convenient. Read more about the upgrade and request access... Read more »

Playposit Interactive Video

It is recommended that you build and complete bulbs using the Chrome browser. Some loss of editing and viewing functionality can occur using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. For additional information go to Playposit's Technical Requirements page. Playposit is an online learning environment to create and share interactive video lessons. The simple and intuitive browser... Read more »

TurningPoint – Instructor Resources

Because of the integration with the Blackboard learning management system, proper registration can be unwieldy for students. If students do an internet search, they will likely discover a different process for registration that will fail to make the link correctly to the system, resulting in their clicker or ResponseWare responses being lost. As a result,... Read more »

Other Creation Tools

SoftChalk Cloud SoftChalk Cloud offers similar functionality as SoftChalk Create, but the learning object is hosted on the SoftChalk cloud. Web storage is beneficial if you’ll be working with other staff, working from several computers, or if you want to incorporate any number of free learning resources hosted on SoftChalk Cloud’s Learning Object Repository. Detailed… Read more »

Adobe Captivate

What is it? Adobe® Captivate® allows you to transform slide presentations into interactive lessons with support for screencasting, simulations and other interactions. Use characters and background images to illustrate course concepts through narrative vignettes, and create complex branching scenarios to allow students to navigate a multi-path scenario. Get feedback by including traditional quiz questions, drag-and-drop activities, matching… Read more »

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