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TurningPoint – Instructor Resources

Because of the integration with the Blackboard learning management system, proper registration can be unwieldy for students. If students do an internet search, they will likely discover a different process for registration that will fail to make the link correctly to the system, resulting in their clicker or ResponseWare responses being lost. As a result,... Read more »

Our Location

Our Location The Digital Scholarship Commons is a creative environment allowing faculty to come and learn at their own pace, to walk in to discuss an issue, or to schedule some time to work on a project with our staff.  We view this as a “one stop shop” for faculty not only to escalate issues… Read more »

Learning Objects

As learning research has developed, researchers have moved away from thinking about a lesson as a monolithic whole. Instead, they have come to favor a model in which units of instruction or “learning objects” are planned and arranged to support a learning objective. For example, the following learning objects might be part of a standard… Read more »

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