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TurningPoint – Instructor Resources

Because of the integration with the Blackboard learning management system, proper registration can be unwieldy for students. If students do an internet search, they will likely discover a different process for registration that will fail to make the link correctly to the system, resulting in their clicker or ResponseWare responses being lost. As a result,... Read more »

Adobe Captivate

What is it? Adobe® Captivate® allows you to transform slide presentations into interactive lessons with support for screencasting, simulations and other interactions. Use characters and background images to illustrate course concepts through narrative vignettes, and create complex branching scenarios to allow students to navigate a multi-path scenario. Get feedback by including traditional quiz questions, drag-and-drop activities, matching… Read more »

Learning Objects

As learning research has developed, researchers have moved away from thinking about a lesson as a monolithic whole. Instead, they have come to favor a model in which units of instruction or “learning objects” are planned and arranged to support a learning objective. For example, the following learning objects might be part of a standard… Read more »

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