Registering your Clicker or ResponseWare and Linking it to Blackboard

TurningPoint recently changed their registration process so that there are a few extra steps. Whether you’re using a clicker or ResponseWare, you’ll need to license your account and link it with Blackboard in order for your instructor to see your license and account as active.

Linking Your Account with Blackboard

  • Log into
  • Enter the course that you’ll be using ResponseWare or your clicker in
  • Click on Tools in the left-hand menu. Do not click any other links that might be in that side menu.
  • Click on Turning Account Registration
  • Log in with your Turning Account credentials
  • The first time you do this process through Blackboard, you should see a green message at the top of the window that says that your account has been linked to the LMS. The first time and all times after you will also see listed next to your username on that page and a check mark will appear in the Learning Management System box.
Make sure that the NEU blackboard system link shows under Learning Management System Links box

Ensure that Your Clicker or ResponseWare is Licensed

Whether you bought ResponseWare or a clicker, you need to license the software. If you bought ResponseWare, the license is automatically applied to your account when you registered.

If you bought a clicker from TurningPoint or from the bookstore, a card came with it with your unique licensing code on it. If you don’t remember typing this code in, you’ll need to do that. If you can’t find that card, you’ll need to buy another license from the Turning store.

  • Log in to your Turning Account using the instructions above and click License from your dashboard located in the menu of the Turning Account page. Click Manage License and you will see your license expiration date. You should see a date in the future.
  • If you don’t have a license and you need to buy one, you can use the link to the Student Store to buy a license. If you are linked to Northeastern, you will automatically be taken to the Northeastern Student Store and should see Northeastern University on the top of the page. You can buy a $15 license for one year. After you go through the purchase process, it will automatically be added to your account and you should see an expiration date in the future. If you do not see Northeastern University on the top of the page, complete the steps above to link your account to Blackboard. 

Clicker Troubleshooting

If you bought a clicker, there are a few extra steps you’ll need to take.

  • Ensure that your clicker device ID is added to your account by logging in using the instructions above. Click Dashboard in the menu of the Turning Account page. Click Device and click Add a Device and add your clicker device ID. This will be a six-digit ID on the back of your clicker that uses the numbers 0 – 9 and A – F. There are no letter O’s. Click Redeem.
  • Finally, ensure that your instructor has okayed the use of clickers. The instructor will need to use a radio frequency receiver to receive your answers, and you’ll need to be connected to the same channel. Ask the instructor what channel he or she is receiving on, and then change the channel on your clicker by:
    • Press the “Ch” button.
    • Enter the two digit channel number
    • Press the “Ch” button again. You should see a green light.

ResponseWare Troubleshooting

If you’re using the ResponseWare software on your computer or phone, ensure that you log in before you join the session.

  • Click on the menu icon in the top left, then click “Sign In.”
  • Enter your credentials.
  • Press the menu icon in the top left again and click on “Settings.”
  • Move the “Keep Me Signed In” to the right so that you see the toggle track turn green

Other issues

Note that a very few students have had an issue where they bought the license with one email address and then linked the other address to Blackboard. If you receive a message that your account can’t be linked to Blackboard, or if you already bought a license and you’re not seeing it applied, please email and explain the situation.