Other Creation Tools

SoftChalk Cloud

SoftChalk Cloud offers similar functionality as SoftChalk Create, but the learning object is hosted on the SoftChalk cloud. Web storage is beneficial if you’ll be working with other staff, working from several computers, or if you want to incorporate any number of free learning resources hosted on SoftChalk Cloud’s Learning Object Repository. Detailed score tracking results allow educators to understand what students got right and wrong, and how long they spent on the content

Example use: You have created many text documents with course content over the years and you want to arrange it into a course, get it online, and add interactive content. You’d like to use the new learning object either as a supplement to your course textbook or as the textbook itself. You will be working with staff to help you get the course in shape, and you want to grant these staff edit access to your course.

Getting Started: View Soft Chalk’s video tutorials.

Platform: Web, Windows, Macintosh

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Camtasia is screencasting software that allows you to easily capture video of your screen, an individual application, or part of your screen. Camtasia allows you to record your mouse clicks and your computer’s audio and sync recorded voiceover audio to your screencast. Camtasia is optimized for creating web demos, so you can turn on Smartfocus to auto-zoom and auto-pan to showcase your interaction with the screen. Simple video editing tools are provided, and basic quizzing features are provided. Upload directly to YouTube or export your video in a number of web-friendly format.

Example use: You would like to show your students how to use statistical software to solve a specific problem, so you use Camtasia to record your screen while you solve the problem. You turn on Smartfocus so that students can get a good look at the tools menus as you are navigating them but they can get a good look at the entire program window when you’re not clicking on specific features.

Platform: Windows, Macintosh

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Prezi allows you to create a dynamic slideshow that incorporates images, audio, and video. You set up frames in the presentation as if they were slides in PowerPoint, and Prezi pans and zooms to each frame, creating a visually interesting presentation as a result.

Educators are granted a premium license for free that allows private presentations, a logo-free presentation (or upload your own), and 500 MB of storage.

Free and Cheap

In addition to the software supported above, there are many tools out there that are both free and easy to use. Faculty can create some really cool fun objects that they can add to their course or use in any mechanism that they connect with their students. Read about some of the fun freebees ATS has found and played with.