Adobe Captivate

What is it?

Adobe® Captivate® allows you to transform slide presentations into interactive lessons with support for screencasting, simulations and other interactions. Use characters and background images to illustrate course concepts through narrative vignettes, and create complex branching scenarios to allow students to navigate a multi-path scenario. Get feedback by including traditional quiz questions, drag-and-drop activities, matching activities, sequence activities, hotspot activities, and surveys. Captivate® allows you to add questions to a pool, import them in the standard GIFT format, and randomize their presentation to students, in addition to providing advanced grading options like allowing multiple attempts or forcing retakes until successful completion. Publish in video format to YouTube or publish your interactive presentation to Blackboard.

Example use: You would like to create a more detailed training scenario in which you present information and then ask students to apply the information by navigating a branched scenario.
You would like to show students how to navigate a website to find relevant information, so you create a screencast video that shows you completing the process, you create a hotspot activity that assesses their ability to repeat the process you just modeled, then you embed the website into the presentation so that they can complete the process in a less structured manner.

Platform: Windows, Macintosh

Where to find it

Adobe® Captivate® is installed in the Learning Object Creation room and on select computers in the Digital Scholarship Commons.

How do I get started?

There are several ways to get help:

  • Drag and Drop Interactions

    Notes Interaction

    Equation Editor

    Importing GIFT Format Questions

    Other Interactions

    Visit Adobe Captivate support to view many more short video tutorials on various interactions.