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2018 Learning Series


Digital Storytelling: Podcast Creation for Teaching and Learning

Digital Storytelling

Are podcasts an effective learning tool? Academic Technology Services and Library Recording Studio staff will provide a roadmap for integrating podcasts into your classes and incorporating this technology into your assignments.

This session, which will address both the theory and practice of podcasting for teaching and learning, will address the whys and hows of podcasting:

  • why to incorporate podcasting into your course
  • how to prepare for recording your podcast (preproduction)
  • how to record and edit audio
  • how to add polishes such as sound effects and background music
  • how to post your podcasts online
  • basics for digital media project assignment creation–examples of other assignments, sample podcasts
  • how to get support for yourself or your students with digital media projects

We will be meeting in a computer lab, but bring a laptop if you have one so we can install audio recording software on your own computer.

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