TEXPO 2015

Curry Student Center • MARCH 17, 2015

Technology in Teaching Expo

Information Technology Services is excited to announce our first annual Teaching & Technology Expo. All Northeastern University faculty and staff are invited to engage with colleagues, share knowledge, hear how different departments are using technology and how Information Technology Services is supporting your efforts.

Participant panels will take place in three locations at the Curry Student Center. Panel members from around the university will discuss and share their classroom challenges, concerns, perspectives, insights and solutions. Registration Closed.

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Schedule of Events

9:00a – 9:45a Keynote address
9:45a – 9:55a ATS welcome, Curry 333
9:55a – 10:30a Technology Expo, Curry 333
10:30a – 11:20a Panel discussion session A, Curry 318, 322
11:30a – 12:20p Panel discussion session B, Curry 318, 322
12:30p – 1:20p Panel discussion session C, Curry 318, 322
1:30p – 2:00p ATS Horizon report


9:00a – 9:45a – Refreshments will be served

Professor Lyrical: “A Conversation on Engagement”

Picture of Professor Lyrical

“Professor Lyrical” is an artist and educator known for using the positive aspects of Hip Hop culture to empower citizens to self-advocate for socioeconomic change. In addition to being a highly acclaimed lyricist, performer, and rap music recording artist, he is also a full-time Lecturer of Mathematics at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. He teaches within an innovative first year cohort (Foundation Year) and additionally teaches undergraduate and graduate students majoring in mathematics and education who are pursuing careers teaching math. He has already taught a staggering 100+ courses at eight Boston area colleges and universities in a variety of subjects spanning from “Hip Hop Culture & Lyricism” to “Calculus.”

Professor Lyrical completed the coursework for his Doctorate in Higher Education at Northeastern in 2014. His proposed dissertation seeks to examine the factors leading to high rates of attrition for traditionally under-represented students majoring in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) based disciplines. Lyrical’s additional research interests include seeking ways to engage future diverse STEM leaders using Hip Hop culture and Hip Hop-centric pedagogy and curriculum, inside and outside of the classroom, while encouraging young people to think critically and creatively as engaged citizens and problem solvers. Recently, Professor Lyrical was a featured speaker at a Tedx Talk conference in Portsmouth, NH discussing many of these same ideas (while opening the event with a freestyle about topics the audience chose).

Find his book Put Em All to Shame: The Curriculum on his website or find the e-book format on Amazon. It’s also available in the faculty section of the Northeastern bookstore.

Curry 333 – Refreshments will be served

Recorded session: Professor Lyrical ​. The link will guide you through downloading Tegrity to watch the stream.

Technology Expo

9:55a – 10:30a

Come watch hands-on demonstrations of various technologies supported by Academic Technology Services or ask questions about implementation. Technologies include:

  • Student response technologies: TurningPoint, Top Hat, Learning Catalytics, Poll Everywhere
  • The Blackboard learning management system
  • Learning object creation tools: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, SoftChalk
  • Tegrity lecture capture and remote proctor software
  • Web conferencing: Blackboard Collaborate, BlueJeans
  • Digication e-Portfolios

The expo room will be open throughout the conference.

Curry 333

Panel Descriptions

10:30a – 11:20a

Room 318

Teach a Man to Fish: Accessing Technology Resources at Northeastern

Learn the various avenues for integrated technological support and training at Northeastern and tell us where you need support.

Moderator: Stephanie Trowbridge, Academic Technology Services

Panelist: Terry Beadle, Academic Technology Services

Panelist: Thomas Bary, Digital Media Commons

Panelist: Josh Smith, AudioVisual & Information Services Customer Service

Panelist: Mary Cheyne, Information Technology Services

Recorded session: Accessing Technology Resources at Northeastern

Room 322

Learning Object Creation Tools

Learn how faculty are using various technologies to create interactive and multimedia learning modules for their courses.

Moderator: Lindsey Sudbury, Academic Technology Services

Panelist: Janet Nichols, D’Amore-McKim Business School

Panelist: Susan Sieloff, Marketing Group

Panelist: Peggy O’Kelly, Accounting Group

Panelist: Kristin Greenwood, Physical Therapy

Panelist: Joseph McNabb, College of Professional Studies, EdD program

Panelist: Nina Araújo, College of Professional Studies

Recorded session: Learning Object Creation Tools

11:30a – 12:20p – Refreshments will be served

Room 318

Solving Problems with Technology

Technology tools can seem to be overwhelming, particularly those with lots of features. Learn how several faculty members sought out a technology tool with one or more specific pedagogical goals in mind. Discover which tools worked for them and how they integrated the tool into their teaching practice.

Refreshments will be served

Moderator: Michael Sweet, Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Research

Panelist: Richard Kesner, D’Amore-McKim Business School (on Blackboard)

Panelist: Laurie Poklop, Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Research (on Digication)

Panelist: Coleen Pantalone, D’Amore-McKim School of Business and College of Professional Studies (on Collaborate)

Panelist: Nancy Sharby, Physical Therapy (on VoiceThread)

Recorded session: Solving Problems with Technology

Room 322

Sneak Peek at New Technologies

Program directors talk about what learning technologies are newly in place and being initiated in their programs and which technology challenges remain to be solved.

Refreshments will be served


Moderator: Stephanie Trowbridge, Academic Technology Services

Panelist: Lance Lewis, Bouvé Graduate School

Panelist: Gretchen Ulrich, NU Online Experiential Learning

Panelist: Katherine Hitchcock, College of Science

Panelist: Tristan Johnson, Engineering

Recorded session: Sneak Peek at New Technologies

12:30p – 1:22p

Room 318

Student Response Showdown

There are four student response systems supported by Northeastern ATS, and we love them all for different reasons. Join us for a spirited showdown where faculty who use each one tells you why his or her pick worked for him or her.

Moderator: Alyssa Faria, Academic Technology Services

Panelist: Sharon Britton, College of Engineering (on Turning Technologies)

Panelist: Leslie Day, Physical Therapy (on Learning Catalytics)

Panelist: Barbara Larson, D’Amore Mc-Kim Business School (on Learning Catalytics)

Panelist: Jade Zee, Behavioral Neuroscience (on Top Hat)

Recorded session: Student Response Showdown

Room 322

Pedagogy + Technology = Getting Started

Representatives from Academic Technology Services and Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Research discuss pedagogical and technological considerations in tool use in today’s teaching environment–both inside and out of the classroom. Support and consultation options for faculty wanting to incorporate technology will be addressed.

Moderator: Mary Cheyne, Information Technology Services

Panelist: Laurie Poklop, Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Research

Panelist: Britt Watwood, Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Research

Panelist: Lindsey Sudbury, Academic Technology Services

Panelist: Chris Carrillo, Academic Technology Services

Recorded session: Pedagogy + Technology = Getting Started


Academic Technology Services Horizon Report

1:30p – 2:00p

Stephanie Trowbridge, Director, Academic Technology Services

Picture of Stephanie Trowbridge

Stephanie Trowbridge will address the current and future projects of Academic Technology Services.

  • Find out about what’s new in our division.
  • Learn about technologies that have been newly implemented and technologies on the horizon.
  • Hear about the state of the educational technology environment
  • Get tips on working with ATS to making your technology projects a reality.

Curry 333

Recorded session: Academic Technology Services Horizon Report


Image credits: “Computer Memory Hard Drive Disk HDD Storage Technology” by Epsos.de, CC-by; “Technology 2” by Kevin Shine, CC-by; “Technology Map – Tutornet” by Steven Warburton, CC-by-nc-sa.