SITE (Students Influencing Technology in Education) offers a challenging and collaborative work environment that fosters learning, growth, and innovation for both students and ATS Staff. Our graduates bring to the table a diverse skill set, a passion for technology, and an inexhaustible energy that makes our continued success possible. In return, we provide the technical and support tools to help them develop existing talents and aid in their development of new skills. Their direct involvement in departmental research and projects is an opportunity for them to see their enthusiasm and effort transformed into effective technological teaching and learning solutions.

Current Projects/Research

Opportunities for Student Distinction

Ana Luiza Cunha recently helped the School of Law update their Opportunities for Student Distinction Website. She updated the look and feel of the site and added additional functionality that will help match Law students up with opportunities to win scholarships, debate competitions, and writing contest. She used HTML, CSS, and PHP on a WordPress site to finish this project.

Communication and outreach materials

  • Adobe Creative Cloud


Social media has opened up new possibilities for faculty and student engagement. Platforms such as Twitter, Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram used in well designed activities can extend the learning and engage students throughout the day. Ana Luiza Cunha is researching the various ways in which each of these tools can be used in an academic setting to help students learn beyond the classroom. Research topics include the type of content that is most suitable for learning, affordances and limitations of various tools, and various purposes that can be met with microlearning activities.

Data Tools Catalogue and Support Finder

As the field of Data Science has grown, so has Northeastern’s offering of tools, support, training, resources, and specialists. With the increasing number of incredible tools and resources available, we would like to provide students, faculty, and staff with a guide to navigate through this data science world and help them better understand the tools available and where to get support throughout the University. We will be collaborating with specialist and Data Science experts throughout the campus to create a dynamic website to catalogue data tools and support at Northeastern.

Optimal Positioning of Classroom Cameras

At Northeastern, we upgrade the classrooms frequently with better technology like Lecterns, Projectors, and Cameras etc. Considering the situation where we need to place a camera in a room, it is tough to find out the exact location and height to mount the camera. So we developed this app to provide the distance from the board and the height from the ceiling where the camera should be mounted. We calculate this using the focal length of the camera, the sensor size of the camera, the width of the board, the height of the room and considering the fact that a camera should be at 150 angle on top of the presenter.
Optimal Camera Positioning Application
Optimal Camera Positioning Project Documentation

Future Research

Past Projects

  • Augmented learning (Maya)
  • Design logo and communication For Expo
  • Design Logo for ATS
  • Design Logo and create site for Discovery Lab
  • Create process and training to support student response technology upgrade (Turning Technologies)
  • Learning objects

Cutting Edge Technology

In addition to providing day to day support for faculty and researching teaching and learning subjects technologies, our student staff continue to find, test, create and market the many learning object technologies available. Some are free, some allow one to create or consume on a mobile device, some have many applications, etc. Our SITE and Full-time staff contribute to this list constantly, giving faculty many options to flexibly teach content.

Becoming involved with SITE

ATS hires throughout the year as positions become available. Attached is a sample position description. Please email your interest to

Current Students

Liuhuaying Yang
Zhengyan Yu
Antonio Solano-Roman

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