Images not showing in some browsers when Storyline files were published in Storyline 1

We’ve had a few instances of a user not being able to see the images in a storyline file. They see the media player and the menu but only hear audio.

The issue is explained in this article which indicates that the html5 version may display without images in recent versions of Chrome. This issue only affects files published in Storyline 1. Storyline’s recommendation is to republish the files, so to fix the problem for good, we recommend that the instructor pull the .story files into Storyline 360 and republishing (ATS can help with this! Email

If the instructor does not republish, students can allow Flash in Chrome so that Chrome doesn’t default to the html5 version. Alternatively, they can use a different browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. Chrome blocks flash by default and tries the html5 version, but since these were published a few years ago, the standards for html5 has changed and the coding in the html5 versions are no longer supported by some browsers.