Groups Do Not Appear When in “Student View” in Blackboard

General information about “Student View” is here.

You may have noticed when in viewing the course as a student that Groups do not appear.  Instead, you may see this message on the Groups page.

When you are using Student View, you become a demonstration student called “Demo User”.  Because the Demo User is not enrolled in any of your course groups, your groups do not appear in Student View.

You can fix this issue by going back to Teacher View and adding the student called “Demo User” to some of your student groups.  To do so:

1. Click “Return to Teacher View” at the top right to return to the instructor view of the course


2. Go to the Groups page and use the drop-down next to one of your Groups to select “Edit Group

 3. Scroll down to the “Membership” section and click “Add Users



4. Locate or search for the “Demo User” and mark the checkbox to the left of that row


5. Click Submit to add the Demo User to the group, then click Submit again to leave the Group Edit page.


That’s it.  Now if you return to Student View and browse to the Groups page, the Group that you added the Demo User to will appear.

Note: the Demo User is temporary and will be deleted automatically within 24 hours. You can bring it back whenever you’d like by using Student View again and re-adding the demo user to Groups.

We hope this information is helpful.