How to Upload a Test from Respondus to Canvas

This tutorial will show you how to publish a test or quiz from Respondus Test Creator into Canvas.

Step 1

OpenRespondus and make sure the Current Personality is “Canvas”.

Screenshot of selecting the Current Personality.



Step 2

Select the Open button and open your question list.

Screenshot of opening a question list.



Step 3

Select the Preview & Publish tab at the top of the window, select the Publish to Canvas tab in the pane on the left, and then select the Publish Wizard button.

Screenshot of the Publish Wizard button.



Step 4

A new window will appear. Select the drop-down arrow next to Canvas Server and selectadd new server. If you have already added the Canvas Server, skip to step 8.

Screenshot of adding a new server.



Step 5

In the new window, select the circle next to No, I want to enter the server settings manually. Then selectNext.

Screenshot of selecting No.



Step 6

Copy the settings from this picture:


Address line:

Click Extract to display the Server Connection URL:

Description:  Northeastern Canvas

Select OK, Select Next



Step 7

Log into Canvas

Click Authorize, then close the browser window with the “CLOSE” button at the upper right.


Step 8

Select Assessment Type and Server Action



Step 9

Select the course to which you want to add the quiz or question bank, or if you are replacing a quiz or question bank, select the specific object. Then selectNext.


Step 10

Wait for the window to say that the publishing process is complete and then selectFinish.



Step 11

Open your course and verify that your quiz or question bank was created or replaced. You can now change the settings of the object as you would to an object you made directly in Canvas.

Screenshot of the imported quiz.

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