How to Merge Courses in Blackboard

If you are teaching several different course sections of the same course, or two cross-listed courses, you may want to combine your students into one course site in Blackboard.  Blackboard administrators can combine courses in Blackboard by using the “Merge Course Enrollments” tool, which will copy (merge) students from one or more sections into another.

Instructors that would like to request a course merge should complete the merge request form.

Blackboard administrators should merge courses according the following instructions:

1. Select the Admin tab in Blackboard and click the Courses link to search for the parent course (to which all courses will be merged).

2. When you have identified the parent course, click the chevron (options menu) to the right of the course name and select Edit.

3. Under the General Information section, select the checkbox “Select Courses to Merge” to open Child Courses.  Click the Browse button to search for and select child courses. You can select one or more courses at once. When all child courses have been selected, click the Submit button in the course search window.

4. You may optionally change the name of the parent course to indicate that will be a combined course. To do this, modify Course Name from the General Information section at the top.

5. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen to finalize the merge.

All students will be copied from the child course into the parent course automatically and will be maintained going forward. In the Grade Center of the parent (main) course, there will be a column showing the original section the student was in before the merge as a reference.

Courses can be un-merged after merging from the course search screen. Click the chevron (options menu) of the child course using the Separate option. The students from the child course will be unenrolled from the parent course, but will remain in the child course.


– The merge function merges in the students from the child courses but does not merge or copy course material.  You will need to post the course material you wish to distribute in the main parent course as you normally would, or use the course copy function to copy material from one course site to another as desired.

– The merge function does not copy student grades, assignment submissions, or tests from one course to another.  It only copies the student enrollments and maintains them going forward.